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By Our Own Correspondent

Poipet, Cambodia, 2 August 2019 -- One night in Poipet Don Bosco compound (Academic Primary and Secondary School, Private secondary technical school) with 530 students was the venue for the special Assembly of the Cambodia delegation on 1-2 August 2019. With the dynamic animation of Fr. Roel Soto (Delegate for Cambodia, THA) the 16 Salesians participated in a twofold event: Delegation assembly on the occasion of the animation visit of EAO regional and 86th birthday celebration of Fr. John Visser, the patriarch of Cambodia's Salesians.

During the 2 August morning assembly at the Don Bosco Poipet school (SDB in charge: Fr. John Jeon Boknam) a one hour cultural program took place to express gratitude to Fr. John Visser, who this year is celebrating 65 years of religious life and also 55 years of ordination. Beautiful dances and songs were performed by the students in the school gymnasium.

Among the 16 confreres are four practical trainees - two Khmer and two missionaries (from India and Vietnam) and two Salesian Brothers with 10 Salesian Priests. The formation part of the assembly was animated by Fr. Klement around the Salesian Listening Life Style, in the spirit of incoming GC28 'What kind of Salesians for the Young people of Cambodia?'

Cambodia Salesians gathered in Poipet and shared in small groups on their personal expectations from their community:

  • To work as a team, in order to guarantee more quality mission
  • More intimate sharing among the confreres, in order to understand each other better
  • As religious, pray for the needs and weaknesses of each other
  • Dedicate more time for interpersonal communication, spend time for sharing
  • Due to the large cultural variety amongst (10 different) Salesians we need to learn deeper listening skills

During the afternoon (Aug 2) the gathering continued with the Delegation council meeting and general assembly discernment with the reflection on the past years development and obstacles to charismatic growth as well with sharing on the main priorities for the next 6 years. The confreres underlined their gratitude for community consolidation, formation attention and large movement of benefactors, past pupils and volunteers. Among the main priorities for the near future, Vocation culture (both for Salesian educators and Salesian consecrated vocation) dominated as well ongoing discernment on the fast changing social and youth situation in Cambodia.

On 3 August the Don Bosco Alumni will continue their part in Fr. John Visser's 86th Birthday in the compound of Don Bosco Poipet.












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  • vaclav 2019.08.03 17:05
    Thank you so much for your presence among us 
    and animating words and input. 

    We surely had a wonderful day last 2 August 
    being all Salesians confreres present in Don Bosco Center Poipet around you. 
    Thanks so much and may our Lady 
    and our saints be with you 
    and your animating presence among us. 
    God bless and warm regards. 
    Fr. John Visser.

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