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2019.07.12 04:51

5136(I)_We are One and Diverse

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Salesian Family CIN

By Phyllis Tang

Hong Kong, 7 July 2019 -- A two-day seminar on the Charter of Charismatic Identity of the Salesian Family was held last weekend, 6 -7 July, in Salesian House of Studies, Shau Kei Wan, Hong Kong. Among the participants, besides the Salesians, were different groups of the Salesian Family and mission partners. Over 130 people took part in the event.

In 2012, the Salesian Congregation published the above-mentioned document. As the then Rector Major, Fr Pasqual Chavez, said in the introduction written on the threshold of the three-year preparation for the bi-centenary of Don Bosco’s birthday, the Charters would stimulate and animate the Salesian Family to deepen their understanding of the charism of Don Bosco, our Founder. On the other hand, the Charter delineates some common features and traits which characterise the Salesian Family. It is hoped that they may facilitate different groups to exchange their experiences of living the Salesian charism and to foster cooperation.

In fact, the present document is the synthesis of another two documents. The first was “The Common Identity Card of the Salesian Family” published in 1995 by the seventh successor of Don Bosco, Fr. Egidio Vigano. It reflects on the meaning of Salesian spirit and thus helps to unite the members of the Salesian Family in one spiritual family. The second document was a declaration of the Mission of the Salesian Family published by the eighth successor of Don Bosco, Fr. Juan Vecchi. It orientates the mission of each Family group and encourages them to take up their responsibility for the Salesian mission. The Salesian Family is indeed apostolic and works with a pastoral motive.

The two-day seminary was divided into 4 sessions, corresponding to the 4 chapters in the Charter. The welcoming address was given by Fr Matthew Chan, the Provincial Delegate of the Salesian Family. Then, Fr Domingos Leong introduced the background information of the publication and the first part of the Charter. He emphasized that the Salesian Family belongs to the Universal Church contributing its part to the existence and the mission of the Church. The second part, which focused on the mission, was shared by Fr. Simon Lam and his team of 3 Salesian clerics, 1 Salesian brother and 1 lay person. They shared about their experiences of living the Salesian charism in assisting the students and boarders in Aberdeen Technical School. On the second day of the seminar, the third part which introduced the Salesian Spirituality was conducted by Sr. Enid Tso FMA. And, finally, the last part on the formation and animation of communion in the Salesian Family was shared by Fr. Lanfranco Fedrigotti.

The seminar was concluded with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist in which the mystery of communion was realized and nourished in the Word of God and the Body and Blood of Christ.






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