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Don Bosco Past Pupils Meeting 2019 (06).jpg

by THA-Cam SC

Phnom Penh, Cambodia,  6 April 2019 -- The Cambodian Salesian and FMA Past Pupils Association, celebrated this Saturday the Don Bosco Family Day at the Technical School of Phnom Penh. In 28 years of the presence of Don Bosco in Cambodia, excluding 4 years in the Cambodian refugee camps at the Thailand border (1988 - 1991), is already a lot of time to see the success of a good number of generations of young people. The Past Pupils Association prepared the event with a great care, attention and high communication, making sure all past pupils from the different Don Bosco schools in Cambodia, would feel involved in the program to pay a tribute to the Salesians and FMA sisters and to underline the feeling of gratitude. 

Mr. Vandy, a young man in his 30s, wore the T-shirt of the occasion that was offered during the program. He explained that he is not actually a past pupil of Don Bosco, but he works with some of them. "What attracts me is how my companions talked about Don Bosco and how every year they seem to feel a lot of happiness to joint together in their original school to celebrate. I was so curious of that feeling and asked my work companion if I could join... he said 'of course' and here I am... I really would wish to be a Don Bosco past pupil to have this kind of belonging," he said. Definitely, Don Bosco belongs also to you, dear Mr. Vandy. He is a father for all young people and he contributes to a best society. 

The main guests were, of course, the most senior Salesians and FMA sisters, but also some senior employees of the different Don Bosco schools in Cambodia, many of them working with the communities since the very refugee camps' times and now in retirement. The animators referred to them with a high esteem and gratefulness.

Don Bosco Past Pupils Meeting 2019 (15).jpg

Being in the Don Bosco kitchen for more than 20 years, is not just being a cook. It is being a real mom, a Mamma Margarita and the Past Pupils made sure that last night Ma Sok would understand that her mission is deep on their hearts.

The program started at 6PM with a ceremony of gratitudes for Salesians, FMA and senior employees of the Don Bosco schools. Some representatives from the different schools of Poipet, Battambang, Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville and Kep expressed their feelings of love and thanks for all what Don Bosco and their leaders have done all these years. The past pupils joint together to make a big donation of rice and some funds to the six Salesian and FMA communities. An atmosphere of gathering old friends, remembering old times and updating new stories came with a dinner and music animation.

Don Bosco Past Pupils Meeting 2019 (13).jpg

Father John Visser greeted by some of his past pupils who will call him always as Puk Thom (Big Father.) 

Don Bosco Past Pupils Meeting 2019 (12).jpg

Past Pupils of Don Bosco organizing the program with great joy to find their old companions and teachers.

Don Bosco Past Pupils Meeting 2019 (11).jpg

Mr. Chatchawarn Hunghual, past pupil of Don Bosco Bangkok and one of the first teachers in Cambodia, at the center of the big homage of last night in Phnom Penh.

Don Bosco Past Pupils Meeting 2019 (10).jpg

Although the absence of some senior Salesians, FMA and old employees, the Past Pupils were happy with the presence of a great number of them.

Don Bosco Past Pupils Meeting 2019 (09).jpg

This photo was chose by the Past Pupils to remind a history of good memories.

Don Bosco Past Pupils Meeting 2019 (08).jpg

Donation of rice to the Don Bosco schools "so the Salesians and FMA can continue doing with new generations of youth, the same they did with us," they say.

Don Bosco Past Pupils Meeting 2019 (07).jpg

Meeting old companions is a great joy.

Don Bosco Past Pupils Meeting 2019 (05).jpg

Offering of flowers to the Salesians, FMA and older staff as a sign of gratitude.

Don Bosco Past Pupils Meeting 2019 (04).jpg

The FMA sisters sharing in the gratitude moment by the Past Pupils.

Don Bosco Past Pupils Meeting 2019 (03).jpg

Fr. Leo and Fr. Roel during the gratitude moment.

Don Bosco Past Pupils Meeting 2019 (02).jpg

Br. Roberto and Fr. John Visser.

Don Bosco Past Pupils Meeting 2019 (01).jpg

From old to new generations of past pupils...

Don Bosco Past Pupils Meeting 2019 (14).jpg

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