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Animation visit of DB Alumni World Councilors in Japan 2018

By Mr. Alberto Piedade, EXDB

Tokyo, Japan, 31 Juliy 2018 -- From the Philippines (FIN and FIS) visit, the councilors of World Confederation, Mr. Alberto Piedade and Mr. Angel Gudiña then travelled to Japan (GIA) Province on 27 July 2018. The two were welcomed by the Secretary General of National Federation of the Japan Past Pupils, Mr. Mitsuhiro Tateishi at the Narita Airport.

They spent overnight at the Salesio Formation House in Chofu, where they visit The Museum of Mons Cimatti with the assistance from Fr. Gaetano Compri, SDB that wholeheartedly explained the grace of life granted to Venerable Vincent Cimatti. Besides exposition of the gift of music, many letters of Don Cimatti, there are exposed also his scientific works and studies on rocks and butterflies in an organized manner. Let's pray that Don Cimatti can perform miracle that he will be a Blessed in near future.

From Chofu, the two Past Pupils moved to Shin-Yokohama to meet with the National Federation and local associations presidents, vice-presidents, councilors and GEX working team members on 28 July 2018 at the Shin Yokohama Prince Hotel. With the assistance of Ms. Izumi Sakura, the meeting was held in Japanese and was simultaneously translated to facilitate better understanding.

The meeting was led by one of the Vice-Presidents Mr. Tsunehisa Kurachi, since Mr. Hiroshi Yoshidacould not participate due to the typhoon that was scheduled to hit in that evening. In the meeting they discussed four important points of agenda:

  1. Statistics of Graduates and Current Students in the five schools of Don Bosco,
  2. Website Development & Budget Discussion for 2017 & 2018,
  3. World Confederation Presentation and
  4. 2020 Asia-Oceania Conference in Yokohama

Among the participants was present also Fr. Masao Suzuki, SDB - Delegate to the DB Past pupils and Fr. Shin Mishima, SDB as a member of Youth Ministry team and the Delegate to GEX.

For 2020 Conference, we would still need to discuss the estimated number of participants and Japan Federation will be in dialogue with the World Confederation to determine this in near future. In this way we could start calculating for possible expenses to ensure better management and successfull EAO Congress 2020 in Japan.

On 29 July, the councilors went to a Sunday mass celebration at Himonya Salesio parish in Meguro, where they visited also Meguro SalesioKindergarden and old building of Salesio Gakuin junior high school, which is now used as offices and rooms for parish and youth activities. The councilors also spend a brief moment to speak to the young animators who are preparing for the summer camp in the coming week.

The visit to two Salesian schools was done on Monday, 30th July - where the councilors were taken to visit the Salesian Polytechnic (including Machida Salesio kindergarden) with the assistance from Mr. Luis Marques, one of the teachers that showed us around after the councilors were introduced first at the meeting with teachers during their Monday morning assembly. The facilities and education system really show high quality and is perceived to be one of the top Polytechnic school of Don Bosco in Asia.

Then, in the afternoon they went to the Salesio Gakuin junior and senior high School in Yokohama. Unfortunately, the students were on their summer vacation, the councilors met with the teachers and got the chance to see around the school's facilities, music rooms, gym and the former Salesian Aspirantate (which is now utilized as private study room for the Salesio students).

Finishing from the schools, Vice-President of Salesio Gakuin past pupils, Mr. Keichi Kitamura provided a tour guide to the councilors accompanied by Mr. Tateishi and Mr. Kenji Uta.

Prior to finishing the visit on 31st July, the councilors were taken to visit some of the most ancient temples and shrines in Kamakura City by Ms. Izumi Sakura and Mr. Tateishi. Before the departure, there was brief discussion on the draft agenda for 2020 EAO Regional Congress between the councillors and Mr. Tateishi, the Secretary of National Federation regarding the number, activities and expenses for the Congress and the ways how keep in touch during next three months.

Pray for the Japanese Federation that all the preparation is guided by St. John Bosco and Mary Help of Christians - Unity as a force and together we can achieve so many things. Let's continue to be the Salt of the Earth and Light of the World.











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