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By Fr. Savio Silveira, SDB

Mumbai, India, 1 May 2018 -- We are happy to introduce you to the recently launched Don Bosco Green Alliance. The alliance was formally presented at the Salesian International PDO Meet in Nairobi last week and was enthusiastically welcomed by all the 130 delegates present.

As you are well aware, the environmental crisis we are presently facing is easily the biggest threat to the planet – to humans and to every species on this earth. Responding to this crisis, GC27, in detailing the ‘way forward’, states: “We commit ourselves to sensitising communities and the young to respect for creation, educating them to ecological responsibility through concrete activities which safeguard the environment and sustainable development.” (GC27: 73/6)

In keeping with the vision of GC27, the Don Bosco Green Alliance is an international collective of young people from Don Bosco Institutions, that contributes to global environmental action, thought and policy. Our mission is to create an environment that is safe and caring for all life on the planet, while building up a new generation of environmentally committed citizens and leaders. Through this alliance, we wish to build up a synergy among the various environmental activities being carried out by Salesian institutions across the world.

The alliance is presently focusing on three main priority areas: combatting pollution, reducing global warming and eliminating disposable plastic. In each of these areas, we are partnering with ongoing global campaigns promoted by the United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment).

We would be delighted if the Don Bosco institutions in the East Asia Oceania Region, could join the Don Bosco Green Alliance and contribute to our global effort of bettering the environment. To join, please visit our website where you will find the Join Us page.

At the time of registering, each institution or organization needs to state at least three definite commitments that they would wish to make. While these commitments could be responses to specific local issues, it would be advantageous if they contribute to the three priority areas the alliance is focusing on. You could choose from the list of commitments that the alliance is already working on, which you will find on the Priority Areas page.

We would be extremely grateful if you could invite our Salesian institutions in the EAO region to register as members of the Don Bosco Green Alliance. Together we can create a vast movement of young people who protect the environment and thereby safeguard their own future!






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