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2015.03.30 01:08

3567_Happy Vocation movement

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By Philip Yu

Serving the Lord with Happiness and Joy. This is main theme of the Salesian Cooperators – China Province for 2015, announced at the annual general meeting (AGM) of all members – from Macau, Taiwan and of course Hong Kong. In 2015, not only that we started with a new provincial coordinator Teresa Lam but also we started a challenging initiative “Happy Vocation movement”. Luckily Rev. Fr. Vaclav Klement, Regional Councillor EAO was in Hong Kong for his extraordinary visitation and he gave us an inspiring talk on this topic. It is perfect timing to help set the stage for involving all members in the movement. Rev. Fr. Klement volunteered to join the movement as an extraordinary “Happy Ambassador” and share this message with dearest Rector Major and his council. What a surprise!

Happy Vocation movement

Obviously we all want to live happily everyday but very often we’re down when things turn out to be against our wish or go wild when being teased. Some people are born with a happy character but many had to learn to be happy!Joining this movement, it is simply a personal commitment to be happy. Being a Catholic is a vocation. Being a Salesian is an elevated vocation. Being happy is the best way to answer God’s selection on us, not only benefit ourselves but also energize people with us to pursue the origin of happiness. So all members are given free choice to join the movement. Anyone joining will be given a Happy Vocation badge (see the logo on the left) which serves as a symbolic reminder… to be a happy man/woman, to learn to be happy, to live out the vocation happily everyday.

Happy Ambassador

ASC local centres are invited to join the movement as a group, in addition to individual member’s participation; and nominate a “Happy Ambassador” who has a mission to promote Happy Vocation. Not only the ASC members can join but non-members can join this movement as well. Again, anyone joining will be given a HV badge. However, any local centre with members who are parents of priest/brother/sister, its coordinator has to join the Happy Vocation organizing committee because he/she has another mission that is to make sure the local centre takes care of such parents or do what they can do to show the loving kindness.

Happy cheat-sheet

Every Happy Vocation Ambassador was given a “Happy cheat-sheet” at the AGM. It consists of 5 simple but value hints that help us live happily or help us help others think positively.

  • My grace is sufficient for you, for power is made perfect in weakness.(2Cor 12,9)

  • I love the whole of you, including your weakness

  • Don’t be afraid of tomorrow as I would have been there for you.

  • Where there is devil for sure there is me.

  • Remember to smile always, you are my divine image.



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  • vaclav 2015.03.30 04:25

    Happy Vocation is also the dream of the 10th sucessor of Don Bosco, Fr. Angel Fernandez Artime (Rector Major)

    from his interview  with the ANS news agency(March 25, 2015)

    Don Bosco was a dreamer. As the Successor of Don Bosco, what is your dream for the Congregation?

    Among all the things I dream of, I choose two aspects that come straight from my heart. I dream of a Congregation of the Salesians of Don Bosco in which each and every one of its members, without exception, feels really happy to live the life we ​​have chosen, giving each day a joyful response to the Lord and to Don Bosco, for young people.

    I dream that all who see us will say, ”How happy these Salesians are!”,  and that our response will be, “We are happy because the Lord fills our lives, because we feel loved by our brother Salesians and by our family and friends, and that giving our lives for the young people that the Lord sends our way fills us with joy.

    I dream of a congregation that over the next five years, as we look ahead to the 28th General Chapter, can say that we have continued to grow in authenticity and fidelity to what is most essential for us as Salesians.

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