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12th Regional Congress of Don Bosco Past Pupils

Asia-Oceania (online)

June 25-26, 2021



Resolutions of the Congress:

12 DBPP Asia-Oceania Resolutions.pdf


Synthesis and appeal of the EAO regional councilor SDB

12 DBPP Asia-Oceania Synthesis-Appeal EAO.docx


Talks of the Congress

Carlo Gastini: Mr Sergio (World Confederation)

Conferencia - Carlo Gastini-en.pdf


Hope Witness: Mr Takayama (Japan)



Messages to the Congress

RM: RM_address_12th_PP_Congress_Asia-Oceania.pdf

World President: Message World Confederation President.pdf

World Delegate: World Delegate message AO12 Congress.pdf

Asia-OceanMessage Rajesh Gupta Asia-Oceania Councilor Adults.pdf


Goodnight (former South Asia SDB councilor)

Goodnight-Fr Kanaga June25.pdf


Convocation letter: World President

12 Congress Asia-Oceania-convocation letter.pdf

Registration and preparation Letter

12th Asia-Oceania Regional Congress (AUL).pdf

2016-Asia Oceania Conclusions Dili.pdf


Resolutions 2021-2025 (summary)




1.    We dream and work together that our SDB delegates take active interest in the promotion, animation and accompaniment of the Don Bosco Past Pupils. They can help organise monthly meetings on a fixed date or day every month, so that everyone remembers the date, to start the alumni association. They should animate the past pupils regularly which helps in formation towards the mission of Don Bosco. His personal life-long formation is based on the ‘Past Pupils of Don Bosco Delegate’s Handbook’. (ed.2020)




2. We encourage a better spread and knowledge of the World Confederation Statute (ed. 2015) as the guiding force behind the formation of the past pupils Association at the local, provincial and National levels


3. We encourage and animate the start of the Association of the Don Bosco Past Pupils, at any level. The Association can be started only with the approval and invitation of the SDB Delegate. Hence, to begin with, the local unit SDB Delegate invites the ex-students to form a Don Bosco Alumni Association. If there is more than one local unit in a province, then a provincial Association can be formed. 


4. We foster networking within the members of association we continue to collect data of ex-students at local unit level. A national data base of members must be maintained. 


5. We foster more systematic, creative and prudent use of digital platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, WhatsApp, line, etc. to connect with more past pupils, post you activities and for networking. 


6. We foster the formation of business clubs when we can help with employment for the needy and help grow business within past pupils.


7. We appoint in every Association a Vice President GEX (Young Past Pupils – Giovani Exallievi).









12 DBPP program final.jpeg



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