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CDB - 25 years (1994-2019)

Celebration materials


EAO region: so far 4 CDB (Philippines) >>> Worldwide: 85 members in 4 continents


Celebration newsletter: By CDB Central Council

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We praise and bless you, Father:

in your Providence since the creation of the world

you called wise and generous men,

 ready to follow you along the paths of history to be light,

salt and new yeast in the world.


 We praise and bless you, Lord Jesus Christ,

 that with your life hidden in Nazareth

 you have become a model for those who, remaining in the world,

travel the path of evangelical radicality.


 We praise and bless you, Holy Spirit,

 because you fill the Church with your gifts,

and in particular the gift of the Salesian charism:

 it is in the great Salesian Family that we, Volunteers With Don Bosco,

make our contribution for the construction of your Kingdom in the world.


We praise and bless you, Holy Trinity,

for the 25 years of our history:

true to your call, we commit ourselves to live

as authentic witnesses to the Gospel as secular Salesian consecrated persons.

Mary, Mother and Help of Christians, St. Joseph and St. John Bosco,

Be for us a sure support and help us be a bridge. Amen.




Celebration of the 25 anniversary: 12 September 2019