Salesian Family

Association of Salesian Cooperators

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Identity Charter of the SF (2012, Fr. Chavez)

ASC-0 SF Identity Charter 2012 ENG.doc


ASC - Animation and Governance (2016)

ASC-6 Animation Governance ENG.docx


ASC - Economic solidarity (2018)

ASC-7 Economic solidarity 2018.pdf


ASC - History of the Association (2015)

ASC-8 History of the Association 2015 ENG.pdf


Salesian Family Delegates - Handbooks (1997-2016)

1-Salesian Family Delegates 2016 ENG.rtf  (SF secretariat Rome)

2-ASC-Delegates Handbook 2017 USA.pdf  (USA - Eastern province)

3-So you have been appointed Patrick Laws.docx (World Delegate)


Delegates Handbook (ed. 2017 - USA)

for download: Delegate-Resource-Manual-2017-1.pdf

ASC Logo.png