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25/6/2015 - Re-launch of the Journal of Salesian Studies


(ANS - Berkeley) 
- "It is with great joy that we want to mark this bicentenary of the birth of Don Bosco with the re-launch of the Journal of Salesian Studies.  And while we, the Institute of Salesian Studies in Berkeley return to our earlier task of producing academic publications, we want to thank the loyal readers and libraries that have remained in contact with us since the last print edition of the Journal in 2007."  So said Fr John J. Roche, SDB, Director of the Institute of Salesian Studies in Berkeley at the re-launch of the journal which took place on Tuesday 23 June, feast of St. Joseph Cafasso.

The re-launch began in truth more than a year ago, with the digitization and online publication of the first fifteen volumes (twenty-five issues). This effort was led by Mr Sean Bryan, a member of the staff of the Don Bosco Institute for the past three years, who recently graduated in Theology. Mr Bryan has enlisted the support of some university students residing in the institute and graduate students at the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology. The work involved many hours of scanning, indexing and formatting.

To carry the project forward, Fr Emmanuel Camilleri, who recently completed his doctorate at the Salesian Pontifical University in Rome, has graciously accepted the position of Chief Editor, thereby enabling us to produce this issue in time for the Bicentenary. Fr Camilleri is a Salesian from Malta who joined the staff of the Institute as Professor of History and Salesian Spirituality. He has brought new energy and resources to the Berkeley team and will begin to offer his experience with the new classes next semester.

The Director, Fr Roche, writes: "May this re-launch offer all of you a chance to dig deeper into the Salesian charism and the historical critical research that this journal has provided for many years. May it unite us all in our desire to keep Salesian Studies alive and interesting for our times".  He concluded: "On this feast of St. Joseph Cafasso, who was so instrumental in shaping the pastoral heart of Don Bosco, we renew our commitment to the service of education and evangelization in the Salesian style, for the glory of God and the salvation of souls."

The magazine will have two issues yearly and those who register on the website can receive it either in hard copy or in digital form.

Published 25/06/2015

SUO-Journal of Salesian Studies relaunched 2015.docx 


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