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Don Bosco and Mary

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Month of Mary (April 24-May 24)





Don Bosco and Mary: extract from Volume 5 (Fr. Artur Lenti: Don Bosco - Spirit and History)


Lenti-vol 5-chapter 3 MARY.docx 

 >> for download



1. Don Bosco’s Devotion to Mary, Titled and Untitled


2. The Month of May, Don Bosco’s First Important Marian Writing


3. Don Bosco and Mary (Immaculate) Help of Christians




The Spoleto Appearance and Don Bosco


The Spoleto Ideology of the Help of Christians


4. The Church of Mary, Help of Christians and Its Significance


Planning the Church


The “Field of Dreams” and the Holy Martyrs of Turin


Building the Church in Times of Economic Recession


Features of the Church of Mary, Help of Christians


Significance of the Church of Mary, Help of Christians


Iconography of the Help of Christians


5. Don Bosco Apostle of Mary (Immaculate) Help of Christians: Expressions of His  Devotion





1. Program and Contents of Don Bosco’s Month of May;

2. Text of Don Bosco’s Dream of 1844 (Holy Martyrs);

3. Don Bosco’s Favorite Prayer: the Sub Tuum Praesidium;

4. The Blessing of Mary, Help of Christians;

5. Program and Contents of the Marvels of the Mother of God;

6. Content of the Novena in Preparation for the Feast;

7. Survey of the Period 1858-1874 with Significant Dates for the Salesian Society




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