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GC28 - Good Night - Homily - Talks

Valdocco, Feb 17 - Feb 26, 2020 



Lectio divina (John Gospel'Beloved disciple: 5 parts)

ENG - Lectio Divina 1-Feb 29.pdf

ENG - Lectio Divina 2.pdf

GC28-Lectio Divina 3.docx

GC28-Lectio Divina 4.docx

GC28-Lectio Divina 5.docx






Fr Rosanno Sala (Italy-UPS) Feb 19

ENG - Intervento don Rossano.pdf

ENG - Rossano Sala-HOMILY FEB 19.pdf


Fr. 'Koldo' Gutteres

ENG - Koldo Gutierrez.doc

ENG - Koldo Gutierrez.pdf

ENG - Luiz Gutierrez (Koldo) HOMILY Feb 21.pdf


Fr.  Eunan McDonnel (Ireland) Feb 20

ENG - Eunan McDonnel.pdf

ENG - Eunan McDonnel.doc

ENG - Eunan McDonnel HOMILY Feb 20.pdf



OPENING OF THE GC28 - February 22


Cardinal Joao Braz (Relig.Life): 2020.02.22 - ENG - Card. Joao Braz de Aviz.pdf

Torino archbishop Cesare Nosiglia: ENG - NOSIGLIA - Saluto a CG salesiani.pdf

ADMA President Mr. Renato: ENG - Adma a CG.pdf

FMA Mother Yvonne: ENG - Saluto della Madre FMA.pdf

Rector Major: ENG - Discorso di apertura Rettor Maggiore.pdf




ENG - Francesco CEREDA.pdf (Wisdom of past 6 years)

ENG - Guido ERRICO.pdf (Rector of Mother House: warming hearts)

ENG - CAMERONI Pier Luigi.pdf (Salesian Holiness - great resource)

2010.02.21 - ENG - Alejandro Leon - MOR.doc (Middle East)

2010.02.25 - ENG - Ortiz Javier - BOL.doc (Bolivia)






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