DB TECH ASEAN (Network of DB Vocation Training Centers - TVET: 2019-2022)

by vaclav posted Jan 16, 2019


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(ASEAN countries based network of Don Bosco TVET centers)
Interview with the DB TECH ASEAN COORDINATOR, Fr. Dindo Vitung
for download: DBTECH ASEAN 2019.docx
DBTECH ASEAN 2019 start Vietnam.jpg


For dowload:
DB TECH ASEAN Statement: DB1ASEANTVET-Statement.docx






a. (1) Organisational Chart. The latest suggestion to change the name of the “Executive Assistant” has been noted. I have placed “Managing Director” to align it with the DB Tech terminology. 


b. Job Functions of (2) Governing Council and (3) Executive Council have also been edited. 


c. Job descriptions of (4) Coordinator and (5) Managing Director are basically the same.


d. (6) Administrative Staff Job functions is open for remarks and suggestions. 


e. (7) Existing Salary and Compensation benefits of 3 positions in DB 1TVET Philippines that can serve as reference for the compensation. The first two positions are managerial, while the last position is the Administrative staff. Please see the compensation if they match your compensation in your respective countries since we need to translate the costs in euro for budgeting purposes.