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Don Bosco Media, Seoul, Korea, 23 May 2020 -- Probably the most successful Salesian bestseller (apart from Lives of Don Bosco or the Memoirs of the Oratory) - the 88 short stories written for the monthly edition of the Italian 'Salesian Bulletin' during the 60s and 70s by Fr. Carlo di Ambrogio, Educating Like Don Bosco has been republished in Seoul by Don Bosco Media (Director Fr. Samuel Yu, SDB). The first part was published 5 years ago in Mumbai, India in English, and during the last 40 years you can find probably some 20-30 different language publications around the world (some of them part of Salesian Bulletins, some of them part of the 88 'episodes' of Don Bosco's Preventive System for parents or educators - teachers in formal education.

What makes this book so attractive? Probably the short and attractive narrative style of each section: always starting with some Don Bosco education story, often intertwined with current educational experience, and at the end of each 2-3 page section you find some concrete suggestion and Don Bosco saying. For those who are not yet familiar with this book, just the themes of the 7 sections are informative: 'Education - not a problem to be solved but an act of love; Above everything (listening, joy, prayer, enthusiasm, attention, word to the ear...), Because the world is not a lonely planet; The laws of progress and work; Education means self-giving; By any means always aim high, and, A great gift of friendship.

Don Bosco Media Publications was started by the 'Saint Korean Martyrs Province' of Korea in 1996, and focuses mainly on Salesianity magazine and book production. On their new 'online digital platform' you can browse all available books - from Don Bosco's "Memoirs of the Oratory", through to the Lives of Don Bosco and other Salesian saints, the full series of 7 volumes by Fr Arthur Lenti 'Don Bosco Spirit and History up to some education, catechetics or youth ministry publications. Most of the DB Media products are translations from English or Italian authors.

The first part of this book published in Korea in 1987 has already been published more than 20 times under different publishers (Saint Joseph Publications, Catholic Publications). It was a long journey to recover the 'original rights'. The Korean language translation was done by the FMA Sisters, while the distribution is mainly through the numerous Salesian Cooperators (NB - Korean ASC province has more than 700 promised members). "Don Bosco Media" publication was registered in July 1996 and since that time published every year 6 issues of the 'Salesian Bulletin' (in Korean: The Salesian Family) and some 40 titles of Salesianity publications.

We hope this Salesian 'Classic' will find its way into more EAO language translations and also find its way into the hands of all our lay mission partners!

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