1. 3850(I)_Renewal of Dunlea Center - Sydney

    By Mr Paul Mastronardi Sydney, Australia - On Friday 27th November 2015, the Dunlea Centre, Australia’s Original Boys’ Town, had a lot to celebrate. On the grounds of the Engadine site, celebrations were held to mark 75 years of Dunlea Cent...
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  2. 3849_"Walk for a hall", a fundraising campaign in Samoa

    By Fr. Mosese Tui, SDB Savaii Island, samoa, 12 December 2015 - Two years after the successful 2013 "WALK FOR THE BUS" (on the pictures) the wider Educative - Pastoral community of Don Bosco Saleleloga (Savaii Island, Samoa) organized anoth...
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  3. 3848_ITM + TIN hold a Christmas meeting in the UPS

    By Cl. César Joaquim da Costa, SDB Rome (Gerini), Italy, 23 December 2015 - A joint group of 14 Salesians SDB (ITM - Indonesia-Timor Leste) Viceprovince and FMA Sisters (TIN - Timor Leste-Indonesia) hold a Christmas meeting in the UPS - Rom...
    Date2015.12.25 CategoryTLS Reply0 Views1321 file
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  4. 3847_Papua New Guinea – Solomon Islands Vice-province

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! December 24 for PGS By Fr. Stefano Vanoli, SDB Secretary General Rome, Italy - On December 23, the last day of the 2015 General Council session was approved the erection of the new Vice-province of Blessed Philip Rinaldi ‘Pa...
    Date2015.12.24 CategoryPGS Reply1 Views2017 file
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  5. 3846(III)_Christmas is coming - Slow Down!

    By Our Own Correspondent The Year of Mercy gives a special touch to the Christmas of 2015. There were some 'Holy Door' opened also in some Salesian parishes like in Hamamatsu multicultural parish (Japan, GIA province) as well in the Ulanbaa...
    Date2015.12.23 CategoryEAO Reply1 Views922 file
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  6. 3846(II)_Merry Christmas from Sihanoukville

    By Bro. Roberto Panetto, SDB Sihanoukville, Cambodia, 23 December 2105 - It is in this time of the year when we joyfully wrap-up two significant bundles-of-joy; the significant milestones of every school year: Foremost, the joy of sending-o...
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  7. 3846(I)_Giving Hands and make others Happy

    By Bro. Andrew Tran Le Phuong, SDB Ulanbaatar, Mongolia, 19 December 2015 - The Youth Commission of the Mongolia Prefecture headed by Bro. Andrew organized Youth Christmas Celebration in the Gym of Don Bosco Ulaanbaatar. Participated around...
    Date2015.12.23 CategoryMong. Reply0 Views1009 file
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  8. 3845_From the five continents to Rome - Merry Christmas!

    By Fr. Vaclav klement 'All roads lead to Rome' - this old proverb is becoming again true when visiting the SDB and FMA international communities in Rome before Christmas 2015. At present time there are really present Salesians (both SDB, FM...
    Date2015.12.22 CategoryEAO Reply0 Views1133 file
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  9. 3844_China Catholic Church in our heart

    By our own correspondent 21 Decembre 2015 - Due to many obvious language and historical reasons for the majority of the Salesians around the world is not easy to be familiar with the present situation of Catholic Church and Christianity in ...
    Date2015.12.21 CategoryWorld Reply0 Views1026 file
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  10. 3843_Fr. Jose Reinoso marks 50th year as a Salesian Priest

    By Dcn. Donnie Duchin Duya, SDB Makati City, Philippines, 20 December 2015 - Fr. Jose Pepe Reinoso, SDB celebrated his 50th year as a priest yesterday in the midst of confreres, friends and young people. Fr. Paul Bicomong, SDB, Provincial S...
    Date2015.12.20 CategoryFIN Reply0 Views2124 file
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