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EAO Formation and Social communication Delegates come together

By Our own correspondent

Hong Kong, 14 November 2019 -- A few days before the Apostolic visit of Pope Francis to Thailand and Japan, the incoming EAO meeting of Social Communication (joint meeting with Formation) Delegates in Hong Kong, is coming soon. Together with three General Councillors - Fr Ivo Coelho (Formation), Fr Filiberto Gonzalez (Soc. Communication) and Fr Vaclav Klement (EAO) about 30 provincial delegates for both sectors will be there. Envisioned are 4 joint sessions (SC-Formation) and specific time for each sector delegates.

The Councilor for SC, Fr Filiberto, clearly spells out the three goals of this formative annual meeting:

'First goal is to the answer to the question: What kind of Salesian communicators for the youth of the digital world?

We are looking for the profile of the Salesian communicator with 4 inseparable and complementary elements: living together, being, knowing and doing.

Second: How to make the GC28 live for Salesians, lay people and young people in their own province."

Third: presentation of Social Communication best practice in a ten minute time limit.

The SC delegates are coming together after two years (Vietnam, K'Long - November 2017) and will evaluate their resolutions at personal, province and regional level: Fostering communications - EAO regional and SDB world news (ANS) in both directions involving also Lay Mission Partners and the Young; Working more closely with YM, Mission Animation and the Formation commission; Fostering education and formation sessions on Social Media (target - SDBs and Salesian Family); supporting AustraLasia news and (Boscolink).

Among the specific topics to update, this SC delegate meeting is dealing with The Salesian Bulletin Editors (2019), Salesian Translators (Handbook 2019 and Salesian Dictionary 2019) and Corporate Identity (SDB Logo-related issues).

For those who are un able to join this EAO meeting, Boscolink offers all input and shared materials online!

EAO - Social Communication meeting related materials

Salesian Dictionary (EAO version, 2019

Salesian Translators Handbook for download




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