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By Fr Vaclav Klement, SDB

Castelnuovo Don Bosco, Italy, 1 January 2019 -- The town of Castelnuovo Don Bosco has less than 3000 inhabitants, even less than during Don Bosco's lifetime - but the fame of his saints is worldwide known. Indeed the Parish church is dedicated to 'All Castelnuovo Saints' and is entrusted to the SDB community of Castelnuovo Colle Don Bosco (Rector Fr. Luca Barone and 23 confreres; 10 Salesian brothers and 13 priests).

Don Bosco's home town, is also the birthplace of other Saints and famous people in the 19th century:  Saint Joseph Cafasso (1811-1860), confessor, spiritual guide of Don Bosco, Saint Dominic Savio (1842-1857), Blessed Joseph Allamano (1851-1926), nephew of Cafasso's, pupil of Don Bosco and founder of the Consolata missionaries. Also Cardinal John Cagliero (1838-1926) and Bishop John Baptist Bertagna (1828-1905), the first cleric to live in at the Oratory and later auxiliary bishop of Turin were born in this parish.
On the January 1, 2019 the 11 AM parish Eucharist in the parish church of 'All Castelnuovo Saints' was presided by the EAO regional councilor and concelebrated by parish priest Fr. Grassi Riccardo and Fr. Gianni Rolandi, native of Castelnuovo, member of the Missions sector in Rome, former missionary in AFE province. Also on the New Year morning the parish community offers a beautiful witness of vibrant youth ministry with the bicycle decoration in front of the altar and lively interest in the life of the EAO region Catholic communities. 

In the highest part of the town there is a small church of 'Our Lady of the Castle' with a statue and image of 'Our Lady of the Consolation' or 'Our Lady of the Cincture' (Vergine della Cintura). Thanks to the parish community care this lovely shrine was recently renewed. Also Don Bosco celebrated her feast on Assumption day, August 15. During Don Bosco times all mothers of Castelnuovo entrusted their newly born children to Mother Mary at this place. 

In the evening of January 1st a large group of parishioners went to the top of Castelnuovo to pray the Rosary and entrust the new year to the Mother of God, Lady of the Consolation and of the Cincture. Before the the blessing of the parish priest, the EAO regional shared a good night talk: Thanked for Cardinal John Cagliero, remembering the 10th anniversary of 'Cagliero11' Salesian missionary animation newsletter; invited to rekindle the faith of the famous Castelnuovo citizens, now known all around the world and finally shared his new year resolution to get know during this year of 'Holiness for you too' every day one of the 173 Salesian family saints, blesseds, venerables, servants of God.

 Castelnuovo Saints 2019 1-1.jpg







Castelnuovo-New Year 2019: Parish priest and faithful entrusting to Mary


Castelnuovo - parish church: dynamic youth ministry and catechesis


New Year 2019 - Becchi


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