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By Fr. Joseph Hung

Instituto Salesiano, Macau, 14 June 2020 -- Founded in 1906, the first Salesian work in South China, the Instituto Salesiano, Macau (a primary and secondary school) is undergoing an extension construction project, aiming to provide up-to-date quality Salesian education for the youth of Macau.

The Instituto Salesiano is actually the 'mother house' of the China province, first Salesian house (school-orphanage) entrusted to the Salesians in 1906 (first rector was Saint Louis Versiglia, leader of the first missionary expedition to East Asia - Macau, China).

On 24 May 2020, though under the dark shadow of COVID-19, principal Fr Joseph Chow Pak-Fai, managed to hold the commencement ceremony of the extension construction project, successfully marking a new endeavour in Don Bosco’s work for the second century.

Looking back with gratitude, Father Joseph expressed his deepest thanks to the former supervisor, Fr Pedro Ho Kuong-Ling, who envisioned urgent needs for a transformative and innovative development of school education, while the school was celebrating the centennial in 2006. Without Fr Ho’s vision, this project possibly might not have happened. Fr Joseph also extended his special thanks to the present supervisor Fr Francis Hung Chi-Kong, for his continual support and prayers for this project.

Though the day before was a day of thunderstorms, the ceremony took place in favourable conditions, cloudy yet windy. “Thanks to Mary, Help of Christian”, Fr Joseph added, “It is truly a special blessing from our heavenly mother indeed”.

The ceremony comprised three sessions. In the first session, a brief school history was presented with a photo slide show, focusing on the changes in school building and structures. In the second session, a review on the project’s planning, implementation and overall program was presented. Lastly, the groundbreaking ceremony brought the event to a memorable ending, and yet another new beginning of Don Bosco’s work in the new century.

The entire project will be implemented in two phases: the first phase includes the demolition of the old structure built in the 1920s, and it will be rebuilt with new facilities to improve the primary education. Furthermore, a new 7-floor facility will be built for the secondary section to provide a more comprehensive education. The second phase includes the demolition of the old structure of the present secondary section building, and a new 4-floor facility will be built. The whole construction project is expected to be completed in the year of 2024.

The Alumni of ISM are deeply involved in the present education and pastoral work of their Alma Mater and were well represented in this special ceremony of rebuilding their old school buildings, hundred years old. Among the 4 novices of China province (2019-2020) is also one Past Pupil of this school. We wish that the renovation of physical structures will also enhance the growth of the Educative-Pastoral Community of Instituto Salesiano in Macau. There are other two Don Bosco schools - Yuet Wah College (Primary section - Dom Bosco College and Secondary section) and St. Louis Versiglia school (Macau-Coloane).

Website of the first EAO Salesian House (ISM Macau)

(Newsletter of Don Bosco Alumni available for download)






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