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       Dili, Timor-Leste, 3 January 2023 -- The Commission on Formation and Social Communication realized 2 days of formation in December 2022 for the young Salesian practical trainees and post-novices. In these 2 days of formation, Fr. Manuel Pinto, SDB as the in charge of Formation Sector in the Vice-Province, officially opened the formation by giving his remarks in reminding all the participants in order to use this opportunity to deepen their knowledge and understanding on the digital arena so as to guide them in their digital navigation.

       Furthermore, he mentioned that with the increase of information and communication technology, we need to equip ourselves with proper knowledge in using social media on different platforms so as we won’t be enslaved by social media. He then reminded all the participants to use social media more on the positive side in order educate and evangelize the young people they encountered in their digital navigation.

       During these 2 days of formation, the delegate for Social Communication presented three different topics: The New Horizons, the 5 love languages and overall understanding of the Salesian Social Communication System.

       As we are emerging in the digital arena with its complexity, we need to understand how the technology works and how do we response it in Salesian way. It is true that we need skill and passion in our digital navigation in order to inject the positive vibes to the netizen.

       In the first presentation, the social communication delegate presented a kind of appreciation of the development of human society, culture and technology by using Marshall McLuhan’s philosophy of media. McLuhan mentioned how technology strengthens (extension) or weakens (amputation) human behaviour. Then, the speaker presented some guides in order to answer the current reality we face in the social media in aSalesian way.

       The second session of the talk was delivered under the topic of “The Five Love Languages.” This is to help them in their living together in the community to know each other and to know themselves. This formation will help them to improve empathy and selflessness. Encouraging them to be more meaningful with their actions. The five love languages are words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch.

       The last session was all about the Salesian Social Communication System. This formation based on the Manual of prepared by the Salesian Social Communication department in Rome. This is to inform the young Salesian to appreciate the Salesian’s heritage and legacy in using the Social Media responsibly.

       After each session of talk, there were sessions of question and answer and also group sharing. Most them shared that they have been very much enriched by the formation.

       The formation for the Practical Trainees was held in the Aula Magna of the Salesian Philosophical Institute of Comoro, Dili while for the Post-Novitiate it was held in the Multi-Function hall of the Post-Novitiate Comoro-Dili.














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