6411_Dominikus Savio!! Yes, Yes Yes!

by ceteratolle posted May 09, 2024


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By Prenovice Eric Jabar

Sumba, Indonesia, 9 May 2024 -- The dazzling stage serves as a platform to enliven the celebration of the patron saint of young people, St Dominikus Savio, on 6 May 2024. That evening, the Salesian Sumba’s Community presented each performance enthusiastically, featuring various groups including the students from boarding school, aspirants, and prenovices. The line-up included chain poetry, diverse dances, traditional songs, and authentic Marapu dances as an active participation embodying the spirit of St Dominikus Savio who dedicated his life to God.

Each group showcased their best, turning weaknesses and strengths into the advantages of each group that deserve appreciation. The focus on preparation and self-control while performing was the general message from the Rector to each group. Despite appearing simple, everyone was willing to participate. There were no barriers between the young men of Don Bosco and the spirit of young people who continue to sing, shout, dance, and jump, as long as there is no deceit among each other. Finding happiness in living life as young individuals in a positive freedom like Dominikus Savio.