6081_DBYC-Lawaan: Ignite. Inspire. Belong.

by ceteratolle posted Sep 14, 2023


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By Krizia Bianca Balvez

Lawaan (Cebu) Philippines, 14 September 2023 -- The Don Bosco Youth Center-Lawaan recently launched the DBYC for 2023-2024 on 10 September 2023, entitled “Asa ka? DB ta!” with the theme “Ignite. Inspire. Belong.”. This marked the start of a new journey for both new and old members of the DBYC-Lawaan.

The program kicked off with an opening salvo, unfreezers, and a getting-to-know-you game to break the ice and heighten the spirit of the event. The different sodalities, LOA, YSC, BIBLOS and KOA, presented songs, dances, and dramas before introducing the details of each sodality- their nature, objectives, mission, goals, activities, and membership. Additionally, the new officers of DBYC-Lawaan were also introduced. Ms. Leona Jane Villanueva, outgoing president, officially turned over the responsibilities to the new president, Mr. Vhanne Brian Villaso. Together with him were all the other new officers who took their oath to lead the different sodalities for the next 12 months.

Fr. Vince Michael Sabal, SDB, DBYC-Lawaan director, closed the event with a “good afternoon talk” where he encouraged the young people to continue to be in DBYC, their home away from home.

During the evening Holy Mass the newly elected officers were solemnly inducted, their responsibility as leaders of DBYC-Lawaan has officially begun.