5915(II)_Eco-friendly Christmas possible in 2022?

by ceteratolle posted Dec 22, 2022


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       EAO Don Bosco Green Alliance, 22 December 2022 -- The Christmas feasts are almost here. We know from our own experience that every year it is a good time of festivities, community and family gatherings but also a time of waste in many of our Salesian Family communities, institutions or apostolic works.

       This year the DBGA (Don Bosco Green Alliance) suggests an 'Eco-friendly Christmas' celebration with a step-by-step Guide.

       What sort of Christmas do I want to celebrate? A festival of shopping and celebrations. Due to smart marketing, the Christmas feasts may put our planet at stake.

       DBGA suggests some concrete steps for how to celebrate an eco-friendly Christmas:

1. List down all the things you need for Christmas this year and divide them into categories (clothes, household items, decoration, food, gifts)

2. Cross out the items you already have from the previous years' purchases

3. Cross out the items that you could do without

4. Ensure the items you buy are sustainable

       And some concrete actions or items you can personally check:

# Purchase local and seasonal products

# Commit to buy nothing new unless vital

# Make your own Christmas ornaments from up-cycled materials.

# Reduce your energy use - switch off lights and appliances

# Buy energy-efficient products when they need replacing

# Donate the surplus food.

# Ensure the festival expenses are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

       The Joy of Gifting - the best is to give your time to some lonely people and some gift to a meaningful cause.

       Many Salesian Family religious sisters (e.g. Caritas Sisters of Jesus) in their social works are spear-heading UP-CYCLING, making really meaningful pieces of art, or daily use items, clothes from different kinds of trash, unused items. With a little creativity and handiwork you can visit a simple up-cycled item Christmas exhibit.

       The coming of Jesus amongst us is a wonderful occasion to change our 'ordinary' lifestyle and DBGA's concrete invitation makes this conversion more visible and meaningful.