5914(I)_BULABOSCO 2022 in Suva, Fiji

by ceteratolle posted Dec 20, 2022


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By Afia Enosa

       Nakasi, Suva Fiji, 20 December 2022 -- This was the first BulaBosco since the Covid restrictions two years ago. The theme was taken from this year’s strenna, “Do all through love, nothing through constraint” (St Francis de Sales). Also participating in this youth gathering were Sister Louise McKeogh (Provincial of the FMA in Australia and the Pacific), and our new parish priest, Father Taisali Leuluai, parents and family members of the young.

       The prelude to BulaBosco 2022 were an evening of prayer, meal and meeting with the parish youth leaders on Thursday evening (15 December), and a candle light prayer service and Confessions on Friday (16 December).

       More than one hundred and sixty young people gathered at Don Bosco Youth and Education Centre to take part in BulaBosco 2022 on Saturday (17 Dec). The first event of the day was the celebration of the Eucharist, presided by Fr. James Kyaw-Hoe (Rector) and concelebrated by Fr. Taisali Leuluai (parish priest), the youth leaders, confreres and a number of participants.

       After a day of activities and games, Sr. Louise gave a brief talk about the Salesian Sister. s and encouraged the young to help one another to become responsible citizens and good Christians. Sister also connected with other Salesian Sisters in Australia and Samoa via zoom. A short video-clip from the movie Moana highlighted the message to search beyond limited and to fit fear to survive.

       The day’s events ended with the selection of Mr. and Mrs. BulaBosco 2022 who were given a limited time to weave together some traditional costumes from the flowers around the youth centre.

       A big thank you to all our benefactors who provided and provided the meals and prizes for the day’s events.

       BulaBosco 2022 was a day of prayer, a day of strengthening friendships and making new friends, a day of great fun and joy! Viva Don Bosco!