5913(III)_Christmas Message from Fr Joseph Nguyen Thinh Phuoc, Regional

by ceteratolle posted Dec 19, 2022


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       Valdocco, December 19, 2022 -- Dear Superiors, confreres, members of Salesian Family and friends,

       Greetings from Valdocco where the General Council is holding its Winter Session (December-January).

       With happiness and joy, I would like to send you my heartfelt gratitude to God, the Salesian Congregation and to all of you as we are about to celebrate the incredible mystery of God-becoming-Man.

       The mystery of Incarnation reminds all of us that God has chosen a small country to reveal Himself fully in accord to His plan of Salvation. After Him, generations and generations of Christians with very deep personal faith in God’s plan left their countries to our own countries to share their love for Christ, to discover Christ present in the peoples they are called to serve as missionaries. They have really incarnated themselves in the local languages, customs, and culture to inspire local people to discover God existing in their personal and communal life and put into practice the teachings of the Lord.

       Nowadays, our still living Salesian missionaries and the young Salesians among us who are responding to the call-within-the Salesian vocation in all Provinces are the eloquent testimonies of this missionary thrust and the pride of our Congregation. We thank them for the mystery of Incarnation lived by them in a very special way. And we continue to support them, pray with them, and together with them, to live the spirit of incarnation in whatever works and community we are living and working.

       Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!