5894(I)_Don Bosco Tan Ha Community solemnly celebrates the Feast of Saint Artemide Zatti

by ceteratolle posted Nov 16, 2022


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By Viet SC

       Tan Ha, Vietnam, 16 November 2022 -- On October 9, 2022, Pope Francis celebrated the canonization of Blessed Brother Artemides Zatti. It is a joy and a great gift that God has given to the Church, especially to the great Salesian family. Sharing joy and thanksgiving, Tan Ha Community, Bao Loc, celebrated the month of prayer with Saint Artemides Zatti. On Friday and Saturday, November 12 and 13, the community solemnly celebrated the feast of Saint Artemides Zatti. Mass to give thanks to God and pray for the community, the students and the benefactors of the community. The Mass was held with great solemnity and fervor.

       Over the past month, since the Church announced the canonization date for Brother Zatti, the Tan Ha community has launched a month of prayer with Zatti. During the lectures, catechesis and Mass, the students shared about the holy life and example of Saint Zatti. In addition, the community also celebrates the 9-day week and makes sacred flowers. As a result, the students learned to know and love Saint Zatti more. After praying the Rosary every evening, many children came under the statue of Saint Zatti to pray diligently and regularly.

       At 7:30 a.m. on Friday, November 11 at the community, there was a Academy to celebrate Saint Zatti with the theme "Brother Zatti - Way to holiness". The performances took place in a prayerful atmosphere. All make a meaningful evening, convey the content and message to the audience. Everything seems to vividly depict the life and holiness of Saint Zatti. The performances were performed by male and female dormitory students, cooperators, ...

       At 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, November 12, the entire community solemnly celebrated a Mass of thanksgiving in honor of Saint Artemides Zatti. Mass was presided over by Father Provincial Barnabas Le An Phong. In his homily, he shared about Zatti's path to holiness and he invited everyone to join him courageously on his path to holiness, a path to holiness in humility, simplicity and humility.

       After Mass, all guests, along with students had a family meal in the hall, in a joyful atmosphere full of family love. During the lunch hour, the students also competed with each other to perform funny, and lovely musical performances.

       In the afternoon of the same day, the students played football with their teachers and in the evening watched a movie. The holiday ended in joy and full of blessings. Thai Kha, in the role of Zatti, shared: “I'm so happy! I got to play the role of Zatti. I will try to live a good life following Zatti's example."