5825(I)_A new fresh presentation of the VDB secular institute

by ceteratolle posted Jun 20, 2022


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By SB (Italy)

       Turin, Italy, 20 June 2022 -- Among the 32 groups of the Salesian Family we find 4 different Secular Institutes: VDB (Volunteers of Don Bosco, Italy, 1917), CDB (Volunteers with Don Bosco, Rome, 1994), The Disciples (India, 1996) and DQM (Daughters of Queenship of Mary, Thailand, 1954). However, it is not easy to present the identity and mission of those who are called to become 'the salt of the Earth'.

       Four full pages of the Salesian Bulletin (Italian version, June 2022, page 26-29) present in quite simple, clear, concise and attractive style the 'identity card' of the VDB (Volunteers of Don Bosco), at present the largest women's secular institute within the Catholic Church, with 1200 members spread across Europe, Africa, America and Asia. Here are the sub-titles of the large article:

  • Full name: Secular Institute 'Volunteers of Don Bosco' (VDB)
  • Date of birth: May 20, 1917
  • Photograph: The VDB's Today (Groups-Regions; Aspirancy-Frofession)
  • Citizenship: The Salesian Family
  • Residence: In the World (but not of the world)
  • Marital status: Consecrated Women
  • Particular sign: Reserve
  • Signature: Personal choice

       Our hope is that all 120 Volunteers of Don Bosco who are in the East Asia - Oceania region, will also be more creative in their vocation promotion through the Salesian Family media in Chinese, Thai, Korean, Japanese, Tetum, Bahasa Indonesia, English and Vietnamese!