5769_Salesian Missions Day 2022: Communicating Christ Today

by ceteratolle posted Jan 28, 2022


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By EAO Salesian Mission Animation Desk

       World and EAO, 27 January 2022 -- The 2022 Salesian Mission Day, focused on 'Communicating Christ Today', was launched on the Feast of St Francis de Sales, 24 January 2022. Already a traditional appointment for mission animation in all 90 Salesian provinces since 1988 , this year, too, offers a Poster, Prayer, Animation Booklet (52 pages) and set of animation videos on YouTube. The video trailer, booklet with the prayer and poster are already available on the web.

       The rich materials available in the SMD 2022 Animation booklet include inspirations, contributions and best practices from France, USA, Italy, Philippines, UPS-Rome, ANS (Salesian News Agency) Rome and from four Salesian charismatic sectors - Formation, Missions, Youth Ministry and Social Communications.

       We are proud of the Salesian Youth Movement (Philippines - FIN) sharing their Digital World Mission activities (page 44-45: Evangelization by Social Media) by Ms. Janin Nicole Quinto. This EAO region contribution offers a fresh inspiration regarding SYM activities (Month-long Pentecost Online Retreat in May 2022) when young people are trying to explore any possible ways of evangelization through social media. Young people also stirred the SDBs and FMAs for variety vocation (VocTok), Salesian education and evangelization online programs.

       In the introduction for SMD 2022 the 10th Successor of Don Bosco indicates three fundamental attitudes and criteria for any social media commitment for the Salesian Family and Youth: Be authentic, Be a listener and Be positive.

       We wish that this very inspirational occasion in the "Salesian Year" of the 400th Anniversary of St Francis de Sales, a great communicator, will help us to be more missionary and grow closer to the digital continent where most the young people live now.

       SMD 2022 Prayer

       O God, creative Father, awaken in us the fire of love that burns but is not consumed. May that fire be for each of us the universal call to holiness that could be realised everywhere.

       Remind us that everywhere is a mission land and that in every person there is already a desire for You. Make us courageous disciples incarnated in our time, capable of proclaiming You also in the social media so that the web may also become a place of encounter with You.

       Send your Spirit upon us, your children, so that, as agents of the new evangelisation, we may trigger the initial proclamation of Jesus among the young people today.


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