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by ceteratolle posted Jul 05, 2021


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By President's Report

       Dili, Timor Leste (RDTL), 5 July 2021 -- Each EAO regional event brings a lot of valuable charismatic experience, inspiration and wisdom together. The recent 12th Asia-Oceania Don Bosco Past Pupils Congress 'ONLINE' was no exception. Although the three sessions are available online, a special focus on some Associations and Federations might be very fruitful.

       Within the EAO Past Pupils of Don Bosco, the East Timor (Timor Leste) Federation is probably the most dynamic with clear goals and strong Salesian charismatic identity expressed in its planning, evaluation, activities and many outstanding event and endeavors. Two video reports shared during the recent Asia-Oceania Congress - President's (Mr Azevedo Marcal) Report and Vice-president's (GEX) presentation of the situation in their country are full of fresh dynamics:

       1. Clear STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE: Return Home - in order to consolidate the network of Salesian Family, esp. Don Bosco Past Pupils

       2. Following 7 GOALS of the World Confederation with 14 programs of the National Federation

       3. Implementing GEX promotion in close synergy with the Salesian Youth Movement and Oratories

       4. Deep relationship and involvement within the Salesian Family, also with DB Friends Cooperatives (K-BDB; present 60 active members: building houses, scholarships, sport cups)

       5. Best practices - successful program results:

# Saint Callisto Caravario Church construction (cost USD 100,000, blessing expected in Oct 2021)

# Established 3 new Associations (Baguia, Manufahe-Same and Aileu)

# Investment in online communication platform (social media, website)

# Federation ID card with $ 0.50/month investment

# Regular fundraising events to support vulnerable people

# Organizing sport and cultural events for young people

# Social advocacy and charity activities: public cleaning, tree planting, housing for flood vicitms)

       We congratulate the Timor Leste 'Antigos Alumnos' (Past Pupils) for their dynamic growth and grateful for their systematic sharing. They are also motivated by the looming Centenary of Don Bosco's presence in their country (1927-2027) and by close accompaniment of so many charismatic Salesian missionaries and Timorese Salesians since the early days of St Callisto Caravario until now!

       Viva Don Bosco!

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