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by ceteratolle posted Jan 09, 2020


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I had an Epiphany today!

By Fr. Jose Armando Cortez ("Ding")
FIN provincial delegate for the missions

Pampanga, The Philippines, 6 January 2020 -- While I was saying Mass last Sunday in San Raphael Arkanghel Parish, a Sampaguita boy was being punched and kicked by his companion until he was pinned down. I asked the Knights of the Altar to stop them and bring the boy to the sacristy. I want to go down from the altar to help the boy. I felt ashamed of myself for not helping the boy. After the Mass I talked to the boy and asked what happened. The other sacristan who fetched the boy said that the one doing the punching was the boy’s kuya (elder brother) because he tried to smoke. I told the boy that it's not good to smoke and told him to follow the advice of the kuya but not his hurting him.

Later I was able to talk to the kuya (elder brother) and told him to correct his younger brother without hurting him. We brought the boy to the convent to eat with us. After eating, he counted his money (170 Pesos = 3 USD) and told me that he is giving it to his kuya even after what he did. I joked him to give me 20 Pesos and he readily gave it to me! (Surprise).

God revealed Himself to me in this poor, out-of-school, Sampaguita vendor as One who readily forgives,is generous, and loves his family despite pain and poverty. How about you, how did God make His Epiphany, reveal Himself to you today?