5291(I)_Also in Pakistan without Music the Oratory is not fully alive

by ceteratolle posted Jan 08, 2020


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By Br. Alex Abelgas, SDB

Don Bosco Technical School, Lahore, Pakistan, 8 January 2020 -- Happy New Year 2020!

Our Don Bosco School in Lahore has re-started classes. The students are now returning to school after two weeks of Christmas break. I have also started the accordion lessons here. There are many applicants but we cannot accommodate all of them - there are only 7 accordions instead of 10, since we didn't count the expenses of transport from China to Pakistan! Indeed two months after we got the good news of help from Don Bosco Mission Office in Turin (Director Br. Giampietro Pettenon) - we are happy to bring one new band in our Salesian Oratory to life!

I'm very happy and grateful that we have these seven accordions that can be used to teach the boys something new in music. Actually our Pakistani boys have a lot of energy to learn how to play the accordion. And they can also channel their energy to better purpose. As Don Bosco was convinced, without music his Oratory would be like a body without soul. We are grateful for any possible support for our mission here in Pakistan.

For the love of Don Bosco, Brother Alex!

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