5286(I)_Who are the Don Bosco Past Pupils?

by ceteratolle posted Jan 01, 2020


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Visible sign of Don Bosco Alumni in the Philippines: 

Bosconian car-plate and Exallievi@40

By Fr. Exequiel (Ike) Veloso, SDB
National Federation Delegate

Manila, The Philippines, 1 January 2020 -- Entering the 150th Anniversary Year of the Don Bosco Past Pupils 1870-2020, we might be inspired by some creative initiatives of our Past Pupils around the EAO region. The first inspiring story is from the Philippines:

St. John Bosco considered his boys as part of his Salesian Family. Now the Boys of Don Bosco are the Past Pupils. The Past Pupils are The Fruit of the Salesian Mission, A gift of richness to humanity and a powerful force acting like leaven within the world. Yes, the Past Pupils are the Salt of the Earth and Light of the world.

We recognize four types of commitment of Don Bosco Past Pupils

  • Those who live their Past Pupil identity as a FACT OF LIFE. These are Past Pupils, who build their identity only around
  • Those who live their Past Pupil identity as a GRACE. These are Alumni, who have been touched by the education of Don Bosco, live with a sense of gratitude.
  • Those who live their Past Pupil identity as a MISSION. These are the Alumni, who participate in the activities of the Past Pupils in their Alma Mater or Federation
  • Those who live their Past Pupil identity as LIFE PROJECT, by committing their talents, time and even resources in the mission of Don Bosco.

For the 40th anniversary of the National Federation the Filipino Alumni prepared not only the charity and celebration events, but also a nation-wide action, through issuing BOSCONIAN PRIDE COMMEMORATIVE (CAR) PLATE to the 40th Federation Anniversary: The Plate was issued with the official permission of the authorities, to be attached on Top of the original plate. Together was released also a commemorative sticker (EXALLIEVI@40).

The 40th anniversary commemoration would culminate in 2020, with the East Asia - Oceania (EAO) Regional Congress of Don Bosco Past Pupils in Tokyo, Japan (4-6 December 2020) and with the 150th Anniversary of Don Bosco Past Pupils Foundation on June 24, 1870.