5211(I)_Growth of 'Bosco Youth Services' in Macau

by ceteratolle posted Sep 27, 2019


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By Mr. Stephen Cheung
Bosco Youth Services - Macau

Macau, China, 25 September 2019 -- For the past 20 years the dream of Don Bosco (1844) about the sheep transformed into shepherds is coming true in Macau (CIN province) through the 'Bosco Youth Service' experience. Launched 25 years ago, inspired and accompanied by the SDBs, the "BYS" helps hundreds of young people to serve their peers of the younger generation through a variety of Oratory activities. The animators and leaders are all Salesian Family members (Don Bosco Alumni and Salesian Cooperators) and their young beneficiaries are growing in the Don Bosco Preventive System environment.

The Youth Centre (Oratory) at the Instituto Salesiano Macau every Sunday. Youth volunteers are trained to provide services to children and teenagers in the Youth Centre, act as peer partners to youngsters along their developmental paths. Bosco Teen is a basketball competition for youths who might not be qualified for open championships. It acts as a platform for them to gain experience and confidence. A variety of group experience, cultural, sport and religious activities is offered for active participation of the young, who become the protagonists.

The BYS 2018 Annual Report focus on the 25th anniversary events and programs, especially on the 'BYS Series' July 21-23. Also last year almost 9000 young people took part in the BYS activities held in the 'Instituto Salesiano', the mother house of the China province, started by Saint Louis Versiglia, SDB. The BYS runs also counselling services in 8 Macau schools (22 counsellors), is involved in prison ministry, Adventure camp services, religious services (Sunday Mass) in the Instituto Salesiano, services in Radio Maria ( and other social communication initiatives.

We wish the BYS another 25 years of commitment for the young, with the young and like Don Bosco in Macau!

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