5164(II)_Don Bosco Kep among the 136 Salesian institutions of DB Green Alliance

by ceteratolle posted Aug 10, 2019


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By Fr. Albeiro Rodas, SDB

Kep, Cambodia, 10 August 2019 -- In less than two years after the foundation of 'Don Bosco Greeen Alliance' through the initiative of the India-Mumbai-based Salesians, this Salesian ecological movement is spreading far and wide, also in our EAO region. Recently, Don Bosco Kep (Cambodia Delegation) became part of this world-wide movement, through the formal endorsement by the convener - Fr. Savio Silveira (new provincial of India-Mumbai, INB).

Don Bosco Kep was accepted into the DON BOSCO GREEN ALLIANCE (DBGA - Network and now knows about this wonderful Salesian project that is linking Salesian institutes around the world. The commitments we presented to become a member of DBGA are as follows:

  1. REFORESTATION: a) Recovery of the mangrove area in front of the school. b) Planting trees inside the main campus, the farm land (Chenla Land) and participating in reforestation projects led by the local government in Kep Province and by other organizations with green projects.
  2. ANIMAL PROTECTION: Guaranteeing that our Don Bosco campus is friendly to local fauna such as sea creatures (around the mangrove), passing and stationary birds, squirrels, different kinds of reptiles, bees, etc.
  3. SUSTAINABILITY: Leading a project of formation with our children and youth to learn the culture and mentality of recycling, reusing material, reduction of plastics, organic compose production, etc.

In the present moment our Planet is going through, it is our duty as Salesians to lead the youth in taking actions in order to show love, respect and care for our Mother Earth in all forms. As we can see, Cambodia is going through an intense process of harsh development that is destroying many natural and native habitats, as well as making indigenous and farm communities in difficult situations when their natural environments are disappearing, causing a deep process of social inequality, massive migration and displacement, exploitation of the poor and many other situations. If you are interested in including your Salesian Institutions in the Don Bosco Green Alliance, you can use the online form:

Don Bosco Kep was welcomed by the convener: "We are pleased to inform you that Don Bosco Technical School & Children Fund Kep has now been listed as a member of the Alliance. Attached I am sending you our logo, which you could display on your website, or wherever you think appropriate, to signify that you are a member of the Alliance. Congrats for the very clear and detailed commitments you have made as a member of the alliance. We would be happy to receive regular updates from you on the activities you undertake to achieve your commitments. We will highlight these achievements through our newsletter and website, so that it can serve as an inspiration to others too."

According the DBGA website, at present there are 145 member institutions from 41 countries, including the 10 following EAO educational settings from Australia (Chadstone, Glenorchy, Sunbury), Cambodia (Kep), Macau (Don Bosco Youth Services), Papua New Guinea (Port Moresby-DBTI) and Philippines (Mandaluyong Don Bosco College, Don Bosco One TVET network of 18 TVET-FIN & FIS, DB Tondo-Manila, DB commission on social concern).

Join us in the commitment for our common home - planet Earth!

Don Bosco Green Alliance official website:

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