5161(II)_Caritas Sisters of Jesus visit the Canção Nova Evangelization Center

by ceteratolle posted Aug 07, 2019


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By Sr.Maria Urakawa, CSJ

Sao Paolo, Brazil, 3 August 2019 -- After visiting the Shrine of Our Lady of Aparecida, the group of 34 Caritas Sisters of Jesus gathered for the 3rd International Mission Meeting taking place in Brazil - São Paulo. They went to the Canção Nova headquarters to meet one of the Salesian Family groups founded by Fr Jonas Abib, SDB whose mission is focused on the youth and the use of social communication. This visit was scheduled precisely because the theme of this Mission Meeting is: “To proclaim the joy of the Gospel to the young”, in accordance with the Synod of the young, with a special focus on the Digital Continent where today's young people are.

The large number of pilgrims visiting the Canção Nova Evangelization Center are evidence that the Holy Spirit is present in this work and, calling in this sacred place so many people who receive spiritual healing in their encounter with the merciful Father. It is a center marked by strong spirituality, with perpetual adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

The international group of participants of the 3rd Mission Meeting composed of Caritas Sisters of Jesus Mother General and her Council, all Provincials and Provincial Mission Councillors and some Missionary Sisters from 9 countries: Italy, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, South Sudan, Argentina, Peru , Bolivia and Brazil. They were able to briefly know the history, spirituality and works developed by Canção Nova Movement, including the long-range radio and television system, which extends to other countries and the huge pilgrims facilities.

Cancao Nova is one of the 32 officialy recognized groups of the Salesian Family, founded in Brazil with some of their communities also in other continents. The official website: (Cancao Nova = New Song)