5132(II)_Filipino missionary in Middle East

by ceteratolle posted Jul 08, 2019


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Interview with Deacon Rodil Lladones

By Our Own Correspondent

Bethlehem, State of Palestine, 8 July 2019 -- Newly ordained deacon Rodil Lladones (Filipino missionary from Legazpi), met the Rector Major and his Council on their pilgrimage to the Middle East recently. Rev. Rodil was sent by the Rector Major as missionary ad gentes to the Middle East Province in 2015, and a few weeks ago, as a 3rd year theology student, was ordained deacon with his companions from the Ratisbonne community in Jerusalem.

What makes you happy as a missionary assigned to the Middle East Province (Holy Land, Lebanon, Syria and Egypt)?

The grace of faith and the joy of being in the land where our Lord Jesus Christ lived, walked, preached makes me happy as a missionary here in the MOR province.

What did you learn in the multicultural community of Ratisbonne in Jerusalem?

I learned the gift, the uniqueness and the diversity of every confrere in the Ratisbonne community – specific formation for future Salesian priests (Jerusalem) and the capacity to respect and love them is another thing, I am challenged to live and practise it day by day as a Salesian Missionary!

What makes the study theology in Jerusalem an enriching experience?

The study of theology in Jerusalem is an enriching experience because of the fact that the Holy Land is a primary source in the understanding of the Sacred Scriptures. Likewise the richness of culture and the diversity of religion and rites makes one’s experience here fundamentally unique and beautiful.

How do you live your Salesian Vocation as a newly ordained deacon?

By being faithful to the ministry entrusted to me by Holy Mother Church and by living witness to the Gospel I preach and by being steadfast to the challenges that will come ahead in my ministry.

Any other sharing?

Please pray for my conversion of heart and for the mission entrusted to the Middle East (MOR) Province. God bless you and I hope to see you soon. Please extend my regards to Fr. Ángel (Fernandez Artime = Rector Major), tell him that he is always in my prayers especially for his intentions, for our dearest and beloved congregation and Salesian family.


    NB: This school year (2018-2019) the Ratisbonne Theologate community have 45 confreres: 37 students and 8 formators. The confreres hail from 28 different countries from all around the Salesian world. The coming year, 2019-2020, we will be 49 confreres in the community (Rector Fr. Stanislaus Swammikanu).