5115(II)_Last formation opportunity before GC28 with 4 new EAO provincials

by ceteratolle posted Jun 14, 2019


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By Our Own Correspondent

RMG, 14 June 2019 -- The 11 new Provincials from Europe (Portugal and Italy), Latin America (Paraguay), South Asia (India-Dimapur), Africa (Rwanda - Burundi - Uganda) and from four EAO provinces (China, Indonesia, Japan and Korea) were invited by the Rector Major for a two week period (June 8-22) to the Sacred Heart in Rome. As a matter of fact, this is the last new provincial course before General Chapter 28 (Feb 16-April 6, 2020).

Living for two weeks at home with the Rector Major and his Council, supported by the St Joseph's Community (Rector Fr Jean Claude Ngoy) of 55 confreres is really a great opportunity to experience the face of the worldwide Salesian Community as it currently is. During the first four days the participants (including EAO time-zones jet-lag) slowly entered the environment and rhythm of their new community: Morning Meditation, Lauds and Eucharist, alternated also with Bible Sharing on Wednesdays; Meals with the Rector Major and his Councillors almost every day with some special visitors - Salesian Bishops, Missionaries, Students at the UPS or other Rome Pontifical Universities. For our EAO provincials there is the advantage of three EAO confreres, members of the St Joseph community at the General House, Br Jess Garcia (Economer), Br Hilario Seo (Social communications) and Br. Mon Callo (Formation department) who are assisting them as much as they can.

Since the main language of the course is Italian, quite a few simultaneous interpreters are involved in the 'classroom' and beyond, not only from Italian to English, but also from Italian or English to Nihongo. Classes about Missions, Formation, Social Communication, Religious Life and Discipline, Secretariat and Economy with an interactive dynamic are also balanced by the personal talks to all Sector Councillors in their offices. The New provincials course comes only six months after starting their ministry, with a wealth of experience in governance and animation.

We pray for the remaining period of their course, that also comprises recollection, drafting of a personal project of life, guided visits to the UPS (Salesian Pontifical University) and the Vatican, mutual sharing and exchange of good practices among the 11 provincials and with the numerous confreres serving in the General House.

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