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by ceteratolle posted Jun 12, 2019


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By Ms. Rian Manliguez

Hong Kong, 30 May 2019 -- In response to EAO Region Meeting of Delegates for Social Communication , about promoting the use of social media to spread the spirit of Don Bosco and the Good News among the youth. Fr. Leong Chi-choi Pedro, the Delegate for Social Communication of China Province, had invited Ms Agnes Chan to conduct a workshop about the book “Salesian Social Communication System” on 30th May 2019, in the Francis Hall, Mary Help of Christians Building, Salesian Missionary House.

There are 14 lay mission partners from the Social Communication Office and Vox Amica attending the workshop with the accompaniment of Fr. Pedro, Delegate for Youth Ministry Fr.Leung Wai-choi Antonio, and the member of Social Communication working team Cl. Leung Chung Pong Leo.

Ms Chan leaded the particiapants to share the message of the book through activities. From the sharing, Ms Chan introduced how to communicate in a Salesian’s way, she suggested there are three person can help with the reflection: firstly, to imitate Jesus who is a Perfect Communicator, he conveyed messages not only speaking directly but his “communicative” way of being and acting with different people, disciples, children, sinners, authourities as well as to his Father. Secondly, Don Bosco as our inspiration, with reflecting on Don Bosco’s works, his impassioned recommendation that his sons continue his intense activity in the field which later we called this social communication. He used new ways like games, music, to create communication channels that can in touch with the youth, The last but not least, Francis de Sales, zealous pastor and inspiration at a profound level of Don Bosco. They shared the same educational style: with a kind and cheerful heart. They are also creative, optimistic, gentle but insistent way they overcame all obstacles to spread the Gospel of Salvation.

By the end of the workshop, the participants of the workshop got a chance to visit the Provincial Library in the Salesian Missionary House, this helped them to understand the history of social communication and publishing industry in the China Province and the work of each settings within the Social Communication team. May the Holy Spiritual guide these Lay Mission Partners who are promoting the spirit of Don Bosco through social media and strengthen the cooperation between settings and hopefully work more effectively for evangelization.