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2018.08.08 05:09

4811(II)_“Youth serving Youth”

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Don Bosco Animators Training for DBSTC students

By Jascintine Nokondi

Kumgi, Papua New Guinea, 5 August 2018 -- Don Bosco Animators Training for DBSTC students on Friday 4th of August to 05th of August 2018. An Animators Training program was held at the gym last weekend by Miss Jessa. The program was particularly about how be a good leader full of life. The program started on Friday night 4th of August, 6:30-9 o’clock and ended on Saturday evening 4pm.

On Friday night we had orientation/ introduction to the program and it started with a movie titled “Wonder”. The movie was about a little boy who was born with deformities in his face. He went through 27 surgeries to get a normal face but unfortunately he could not. Hisparents loved him and thought him at home, he was home schooled for 4 years and after that his mom decided to put him in a regular/ordinary school. Despite his disability he was very optimistic and had a lot of self-drive motivations. It was a very inspiring movie that thought us good lessons, it thought us to stand out and be good leaders full of life. We ended the night after reflecting on the movie. It was good.

On Saturday we were introduced to the Don Bosco training program booklet which was also presented as power point. The theme of the program is “Youth serving Youth”.

During the morning session we went through the booklet. Miss Jessa talked about a lot of things which we lack in life as a leader. She told us that, "As leaders we have to uphold our integrity and lead students happily. Being a leader doesn’t mean that we will have to give them orders and tell them to follow us always but we have to be good role models so that they can follow. Be happy always, because happy people lead happy teams and never live in the shadows. Don’t be afraid of doing the right thing, even if everyone is going the wrong way as a leader you must always stand out for what is right and bring out the best in yourself so that people will start to trust and respect you as a reliable leader. Real integrity is when you’re doing the right thing knowing that no one sees you. She also thought us about the secrets of life and the code of champions." These are some of the things we’ve learnt. It was not a waste, we did acquire some good knowledge to reflect on our lives.

After the first session we went for lunch. Lunch was provided at the Salesians area so we went down there and had lunch there. After lunch we played small games with objects and reflected them with the lessons we were thought. At the end of the games and all the programs the school president represented all the leaders and gave a speech to acknowledge Miss Jessa for her great work. He presented a green Goroka bilum to her and then we went for picture taking and we ended the program.

It was a good program which helped us a lot. It showed us where our weakness were and it help us to reflect on ourselves and make adjustments in our self so that we can be good and reliable leaders in our school, our homes and our society as a whole.


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