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video message of the Rector Major

By Fr. Filiberto Gonzalez, SDB
General Councilor for the Social Communication

Rome, Italy, March 15, 2016 - Many of you already noticed the up-lifted face of the ANS (Salesian News Agency) website together with another quarterly message of the Rector Major, already available on the ANS - Youtube Channel since March 15. Up today, there are already seven EAO language versions (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian, Thai, Vietnamese and Tetun). In the same time the ANS team is happy to see most of their articles translated into Vietnamese and occasionally also to the EAO languages.

I'm writing after the quarterly launching of the regular quarterly Rector Major's greeting 'Cari Confratelli' on March 15,2016. This is a simple invitation to make the person of the Rector Major more closer to the confreres and Salesian Family members.

How to make it possible? There are many ways - every provincial during his visits to the local communities or every rector could use the short video messages of the Rector Major and briefly comment with the young confreres in formation or in the houses for senior and sick confreres. In this way we strengthen our family spirit and sense of belonging to the world-wide Congregation and in the same time become open to the communicative ecology.

Fr. Angel is quite explicit when he underlines that in our globalized world we are called to create a communion within the Congregation and get closer to the 15.000 confreres through the multi-media, apart of the traditional ways of the letters in the Acts of the General Council, other documents of monthly messages of the RM in the Salesian Bulletin. The Rector Major invest quite good amount of his time in the communication and in the Social Communication sectors we are convinced that it can be also a good help for the animation and government the provincials exercise in the name of the Rector Major in their respective circumscriptions.

Fr. Jacob, member of the Soc.Com. sector is in charge to follow the translations of these messages into the vernacular (total of 26 languages at the moment). I take this occasion to give thanks for his sacrificed work.

In the same time in the presence of the Rector Major and the Sector Councilors, the whole community of La Pisana with our lay mission partners was inaugurated a new ANS website ( always at the service of each province and the whole Congregation.

Mary Help of Christian accompany, guide and protect you as She did for Don Bosco.

Heartfelt greetings in the name of all members of Social Communication sector in Rome.

United in prayers!

    The invitation of the Rector Major to share the beautiful reality of the Congregation is addressed to all of us. As we know, the communication is always happening in two directions. Let's foster the family spirit in the Salesian world community through better use of the available media messages and don't be shy to share the wonderful experience from our 22 EAO countries!


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