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       Instituto Salesiano, Macau SAR, China, 24 August 2021 -- Just 15 months after the commencement ceremony (May 24, 2020) of the extension construction project, you can see a busy construction site (Video link below) through a birds-eye view of the fast growing new buildings at the Macau 'Instituto Salesiano', the first Don Bosco school in China and in the whole of the East Asia-Oceania Region (1906).

       Thanks to the courtesy of Fr Francis Hung and through the IS Newsletter we can follow the development with photo and video documentation. This challenging period in the history brings together the whole EPC and Don Bosco Past Pupils through different fundraising events mobilizing all possible stakeholders in this large endeavour.

       What is amazing is that in spite of the busy construction operations the ordinary Primary and Secondary School of "IS" (Instituto Salesiano) continue and also in June 2021 another group of Form 6 students held their graduation ceremony with their Principal and President of the Past Pupils (Video link).

       We give thanks to God for this smooth and fast construction development during the first year of rebuilding of our Mother House (2020-2024), and pray for God's continuing protection in renewing Don Bosco’s work for the second century in Macau.




















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