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By CIN Social Communication office

       Hong Kong, China, 17 June 2021 -- Lay mission partners from the Social Communication Office, Vox Amica and Youth Ministry Office gathered in the Francis Hall, Mary Help of Christians Building, Salesian Missionary House on 7th June, 2021 to attend the workshop about the book “Salesian Social Communication System” and to share the ideas on how to promote the use of social media among the young to spread the spirit of Don Bosco and Good news of God. Fr Leong Chi-choi Pedro, Delegate for Social Communication of China Province, invited Fr Antonio Leung, the Delegate for Youth Ministry to conduct the workshop.

       Fr. Antonio Leung started the workshop with the word from the Gospel of Mark.

       The first part of the workshop is to share Chapter 2 of the book. Participants were divided into groups and present the characteristics of the 3 models, Jesus, Don Bosco and St Francis de Sales.

       The second part, Fr. Antonio leads the group to reflect on the vision and mission of Salesian style Social communication which is Chapter 4 of the book. After that each departments analyzed the current situation of their own settings. The groups analyzed the situation through 10 aspects.

  1. To act as a channel to communicate and to get in touch with the young
  2. To educate and evangelize through public media
  3. To educate in a Don Bosco way – preventive system
  4. To act according to the Church teaching and communication standard
  5. To cultivating guidelines for the good use of media
  6. To defend the communication rights and human rights
  7. To Strengthen and develop communication and solidarity between settings
  8. To cooperate between departments: with Youth Ministry, Missionary Animation and Vocation
  9. To promote mutual peace and multiculturalism
  10. To share the same mission and cooperate with the region, international, and different organizations

       All the settings did well in most of the aspects, but the participants suggested that they can do more in cultivating guidelines for the good use of media.

       By the end of the workshop, Fr Leong Chi-choi Pedro, all the lay mission partners should imitate how Jesus did, to be modest and have a sacrifice heart. Not to sacrifice the time but to sacrifice their own thoughts for the god of the young. Also need to have the sense of what the young of different ages need.

       May the Holy Spiritual guide these Lay Mission Partners who are promoting the spirit of Don Bosco through social media and strengthen the cooperation between settings and hopefully work more effectively for evangelization.

















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