5263(II)_Don Bosco Past Pupils in Lahore with fresh enthusiasm

by ceteratolle posted Nov 30, 2019


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4th meeting of Don Bosco Past Pupils in Pakistan

By Mr Asif Daniel (President)

Lahore, Pakistan 30 November 2019 -- With immense pleasure we share our enthusiasm and experience of the fourth Don Bosco Past Pupils Meeting in Lahore, on 24 November at DBTC Campus (known as Don Bosco Technical Centre).

As the Don Bosco Past Pupils Association, we would like to thank the Salesian community of Lahore, especially Fr Noble Lal, in charge of DBTC and Br. Alex Abelgas, our Delegate – for being present and animating our meeting. We also wish to thank the departmental faculty coordinators, and Don Bosco Past Pupils Association Pakistan Core committee members, who put their best effort in arranging this meeting.

Last Sunday, 24 November, more than 43 Don Bosco Past Pupils (five of them faculties and staff of DBTC Lahore) attended the meeting and gave their valuable feedback and suggestions for the improvement of our DB Institute and DB Past Pupils Association. The recently elected President of the Alumni Association, Mr Asif Daniel moderated the program and we welcome our special guest, Mr. Bashir Masih, father of Bosconian Akash Bashir, who was martyred on March 15, 2015 in Yohannabad Catholic Church bombing.

The meeting was open and held in the large dining hall of the DB hostel with the ‘Don Bosco Past Pupils Prayer and Promise’ in Urdu language. The president with the Alumni welcomed the special guest and the present Salesians with round of applause. Then the Delegate, Br. Alex, inaugurated the meeting with the formation session about the ‘Statutes of the World Confederation of Don Bosco Past Pupils’ (ed. 2015) and the vice-president, Nelso Suleman, presented some fundraising plan of the Alumni, the Secretary, John Shanzaib, presented the Alumni enrollment form; public relations officer, Naveed Masih explained the importance of Don Bosco Privilege card form, while Treasurer, Faisal Waris was absent due to injury.

The formation part was highlighted by the guest of honour, Mr. Bashir Masih, father of the Bosconian Martyr Akash Bashir, wish his vision sharing about the institute and advice about the future of DBTC, and role and involvement of DBTC Past Pupils.

The Association Delegate, Bro.Alex, presented the officers of the Past Pupils, elected during the previous meeting last October: Mr. Ilyas Mushtaq, 1st Batch Electricity, Mr. Asif Daniel, 3rd Batch Mechanics, Mr. Naveed Masih and 8th Batch Electricity, Mr. Shakil Salamat, 10th Batch Mechanics.

The Alumni dedicated their institutional email address to the institute, its students and the Alumni and Core group (council of Lahore center)open their WhatsApp group.

The session was concluded with the vote on Fundraising amount (fee) of 250 Pakistani Rupiah and the Past Pupils Privilege card fee of 250 PKR was collected by the Secretary. The 4th meeting of Lahore Past Pupils Center was a great success in its prime motive of connecting and networking of the Past Pupils. The entire event has been adequately covered with an active photographer clicking photos for the WhatsApp group and Facebook of Don Bosco Past Pupils, Lahore.