5233_'Laudato Si' and in Memory of Fr Zago in Quetta

by ceteratolle posted Oct 23, 2019


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By Fr Samuel Adnan

Quetta, Pakistan, 19 October 2019 -- Saturday, 19 October 2019, was marked with a beautiful celebration to pay tribute and a salute of gratitude to the late Fr Peter Zago, the face of Don Bosco to Pakistani youth. For this, Don Bosco Learning Center, Quetta, hosted the students and some of the Don Bosco Middle School at Kan Ziarat (a mountainous town 8050 feet above sea level, which was badly affected by an earthquake in 2009). Don Bosco Middle School was established by Fr Peter Zago, as it was the dire need of the local mountain kids (all Muslims). As the locals remembered their lost loved ones during this natural calamity, they did not forget their benevolent benefactor Don Bosco in the person of Fr Peter Zago.

This day was organized by the Senior teachers of Don Bosco Learning Center (established 2003) under guidance of the Spiritual Moderator, Fr Samuel Adnan Ghouri, SDB and Bro. Faraz Darshan.

The beautiful presentations of students about the kind deeds experienced by them were dramatized. The students also shared their deepest gratitude toward Don Bosco, in particular to Fr Peter as well as sharing their learnings from the Papal encyclical on the environment “Laudato Si'”.

Students of Don Bosco Ziarat experienced an overnight stay with boarders and played cricket and watched a movie together to make the visit more Salesian. At the end of the program all the participants were awarded prizes and the visitors were given a special token of appreciation, the portrait of Fr. Peter Zago, the founder of their school.