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by ceteratolle posted Sep 02, 2019


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A Festive Week in Quetta, Pakistan

By Cl. Faraz Darshan Masih, SDB
Practical Trainee

Quetta, Pakistan, 30 August 2019 -- From 27-30 August the Don Bosco community in Quetta, Pakistan, celebrated its Community days as well as the feast of St. John Bosco, since on 15 August there were Eid Holidays (Muslims’ festival); and on 27 August, the Rector of the house, Fr. Joel Jurao, SDB celebrated his 53rd birthday.

During the Sports week, all the teachers, students and non-teaching staff participated actively in the games, cultural dance, singing and tablo. The air was filled with Joy and laughter. The people could feel the joyful Spirit of the Salesian family.

On the concluding day, Quetta's Bishop Victor Gnanapragasam, OMI, celebrated the Mass together with some other priests as concelebrants. Aside from them, the religious sisters of various congregations, the lay mission partners, school students and the oratorians also attended the Holy Eucharist enthusiastically and solemnly.

During the homily, Rev. Fr Samuel Adnan, SDB reminded all of us of our being shepherds of souls through the very Grace of our Baptism. More so, he added that as friends, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and as Religious, we all have the responsibility to take good care of each other as we continue to grow in the loving spirit of God and St. John Bosco. We all belong to one Family in which Christ is the Good Shepherd.