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By Fr.Adie Laurensius PRINANTO, SDB 

INA Viceprovince Sumba, Indonesia. 13 June 2020 -- Here are notes of simple sharing with Sumba Don Bosco Past Pupils. Some of them attended the 'Vocational High School' (SMK) and some of them are Alumni of Don Bosco Vocational Training Center (BLK):

How did you get in touch with Don Bosco' form of Education?

- I learned about Salesian Education System starting from the Oratory and continued when I entered Don Bosco Vocational High School.

- I heard it from friends and from the teachers of the TVET - VTC: Vocation Training Center(BLK) of Don Bosco.

- From the introduction about Don Bosco School after the Sunday Mass presided by a Salesian.

- From a practical trainee of that time (Cl Andy Jebarus - now a missionary in Europe) and afterwards when i studied in the VTC.

What do you treasure / give thanks most for in your education received at Don Bosco? - e.g. value, experience, learning, gifts.

- The Moral values being taught by the Salesians, technical knowledge about computers and the educational system which is very useful in everyday life.

- The Moral values being taught, the technical knowledge and the many fun and different kind of activities.

- The values being taught and the education system of Don Bosco.

- The knowledge imparted in the school and the education system of Don Bosco.

- The educational experience there and variety of advice that I received from Brother Ignas, the headmaster of the school.

What kind of experience received thanks to Don Bosco are you sharing in your personal life?

- The education system which emphasized the approach of the heart and not physical violence.

- The value of togetherness in both happy times and sad times.

- The values I received there , e.g. discipline with time, living harmoniously in the family, respecting each other, etc.

- The preventive system of Don Bosco where we use the three pilars of Reason, Religion and Loving Kindness.

- The value of helping others without expecting a reward which I sometimes did when helping others with their electrical problems.

How do you come together or support each other with other DB Alumni?

- Visiting Don Bosco during the Feast of Don Bosco and Mary Help of Christians.

- Through contacts in digital world: Facebook and WhatsApp (DB Alumni group)

- Meeting each other occasionally.

What is your dream, just a few days before the 150th birthday of the Past Pupils of Don Bosco Association?

- I wish that the celebration will run smoothly without any problems.

- I wish that the future life plans of the Alumni will be granted by God.

- I wish that the Alumni of Don Bosco will continue working and help in any possible way to educate other young people to become Bosconians.

- I hope that all the Alumni will be gathered to share more about their activities after they graduated from Don Bosco school.

- I wish that the celebration will run smoothly and many more young people will have more faith in God through Mary and Don Bosco."

We pray that one of the youngest Don Bosco Past Pupil groups in the EAO Region in the Eastern part of Indonesia (located between Bali and Timor Leste) will growth and continue to share their precious journey with Don Bosco.

Art. 5 of the SDB Constitutions for our awareness about how our young people become 'Past Pupils': "...Our past pupils are also members by reason of the education they have received, and the bonds are closer when they commit themselves to take an active part in the Salesian mission in the world."







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