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Interview with Mr Michal Hort,

President of the World Confederation of Don Bosco Past Pupils

By Our Own Correspondent

Bangkok, Thailand, 25 November 2018 -- On the occasion of the four day seminar and formative encounter of the Asia-Oceania Region Leadership of Don Bosco Past Pupils in Bangkok (November 22-25) the World Confederation President Mr Michal Hort gladly responded to the following interview:

How do you feel in Bangkok, Thailand? How is the hospitality?

The Thai hospitality is just amazing. The personal welcoming by Father provincial, John Bosco Theparat and by the Secretary General of the Thai Federation, Francis Wichai Srisura means they value the Past Pupils World Confederation a lot. The atmosphere was very friendly. It’s important to mention four people who are key to leadership in the Asia-Oceania Region: Fr Raphael Jayapalan, the World delegate, Mr Rajesh Gupta and Mr Alberto Piedade, the Regional councillors. But special thanks goes to Fr Vaclav Klement - General Councillor for the East Asia-Oceania region. Without him we would not have such a huge participation! Thank you Fr Vaclav!

What kind of growth do you observe during this regional leadership formation?

Yes, there is a huge leap forward. The Presidents and Delegates are genuinely interested and have a with firm willingness to learn new things. There is huge potential. I feel they really believe in past pupils and leadership by lay people!

What are the new developments or challenges?

We created twinning projects. This means experienced countries in the (Asia-Oceania) region will be helping ‘newcomers’. Almost every country has begun their national strategic plan. It’s very important. We enlightened them about innovative projects fromof the World Confederation: “” and “DonBoscoMarket-business platform” and “Group of professionals”. We have felt huge interest!

How do you asses the contribution of the new Asia-Oceania GEX Councillor, Mr. Alberto?

Alberto Piedade is developing a wonderful style and method of animation! His involvement in the processes for establishing new groups of young past pupils (GEX) in Asia-Oceania is admirable. And he is also a very mature, dynamic and good person. He contributes to our great team in the World Presidency. I’m happy to have him with me!

Message to the Salesians of the EAO region?

See the huge potential of the Past pupils in your region! The past pupils need guidance and continuous formation. Please look after them!

And what is your dream for your Association of Don Bosco Past Pupils?

I dream about the active participation of Past pupils in social transformation of the countries in this region by using their talents and professional skills. Past pupils in Asia and Oceania are the sleeping giant. Let’s wake him up!








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