1. 4728(III)_Brothers’ EAO Pre-Congress Meet

    By Bro. Ephrem Santos, SDB Tigaraksa, Indonesia, 13th May 2018 -- The Delegation of Indonesia had recently concluded the Brothers’ Pre-Congress Meeting which was held in the Salesian Novitiate of Tigaraksa. The Brothers took the opportunity...
    Date2018.05.16 CategoryINA Reply0 Views768 file
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  2. 4674(II)_Why do you become a Salesian Brother?

    Novices HANG OUT with the Salesian Brothers of Indonesia By Fr. Andre Delimarta, SDB Tigaraksa, Indonesia, 19 March 2018 -- “Why do you become a (Salesian) Brother? The reason should be owned by YOU alone, or else you will not persevere wit...
    Date2018.03.20 CategoryINA Reply0 Views570 file
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  3. 4665(II)_My Vocation Story, helped by Google Search

    Vocation story of Indonesia prenovice (2) By Stefanus Belido Maing Sumba, Indonesia, 10 March 2018 -- My name is Stefanus Belido Maing, just call me Stef. I am a 18 year old pre-novice here in Don Bosco Sumba. Actually I was born in Larantu...
    Date2018.03.11 CategoryINA Reply2 Views1130 file
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  4. 4660(II)_Fruits of humble charismatic Sumba presence

    The Valdocco of Indonesia By Fr. Adie Prinanto, SDB Sumba, Indonesia, 6 March 2018 -- Thirty three years after the first Salesian presence in Indonesia (Jakarta) the large tree of Indonesia Salesian presence is growing in seven presences in...
    Date2018.03.06 CategoryINA Reply0 Views508 file
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  5. 4659(II)_Attracted by the Salesian family spirit

    A Vocation Story of Wilfridus Pita Raja, Prenovice in Sumba By Br. Ephrem Santos, SDB Sumba, Indonesia, 4 March 2018 -- Primus is his nickname, but he admits that he really does not know how he got that nickname, because his real name is Wi...
    Date2018.03.05 CategoryINA Reply0 Views492 file
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  6. 4657(I)_Simplicity and fidelity to the education duties

    Interview with Br. Ignatius Satya Paramitha, SDB By Our Own Correspondent Sumba, Indonesia, 3 March 2018 -- Br. Ignatius is one of the 10 Salesian Brothers of Indonesia Delegation, with a Teaching Degree from Institute Technology of Indones...
    Date2018.03.04 CategoryINA Reply0 Views462 file
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  7. 4653(II)_What is to feel like a Founder?

    At the new frontier of the Salesian Congregation By Fr. Tarcisius Trianto, SDB Purwodadi, Indonesia, 26 February 2018 -- The youngest Salesian presence in Indonesia in Purwodadi was open in 2015 and the canonical community with the first re...
    Date2018.02.27 CategoryINA Reply0 Views493 file
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  8. 4652(I)_Be creative, inspire and be innovative!

    First Education Talk Show in Blitar - "Education Today" By Fr. Vincent Prastowo, SDB Blitar, Indonesia, 26 February 2018 -- Only few days ago (Tuesday, February 20) Fr Klement made a visit to our St. Joseph Technical School in Blitar. As us...
    Date2018.02.26 CategoryINA Reply0 Views355 file
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  9. 4648_We are blooming there, where nobody likes to go!

    First decade of committed Salesian presence- Surabaya By Fr. Reo Ferdinandus, SDB Surabaya, Indonesia, 23 February 2018 -- Surabya (= Suro and Boya: Shark and Crocodile, according the ancient legend about the fight between mythic animals th...
    Date2018.02.23 CategoryINA Reply0 Views623 file
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  10. 4647(II)_Don Bosco Family Spirit transforms our Technical School in Blitar

    First decade of the Salesians in Blitar - Family spirit By Our Own Correspondent Blitar, Indonesia, 20 February 2018 -- The largest education institution entrusted to the Indonesia Delegation of the Salesian Congregation in Indonesia is loc...
    Date2018.02.21 CategoryINA Reply0 Views459 file
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