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By Br. Pham hong Phuoc, SDB

Salesian Theologate, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam, 25 May 2021 – One day after the Feast of Mary Help of Christians, the Mother and Teacher of Don Bosco and each Salesian, the new provincial of the Vietnam Province, Fr. Barnabas Le An Phong, presided at the mass to officially start his service for the province over the next six years.

       Co-celebrants in the mass were the former provincial, Fr. Joseph Quang, the former and new provincial council members and other Salesian priests. Because of the serious current situation of Covid 19 in Vietnam, the attendance was limited only to the confreres of the Theologate and provincial communities and some representatives of 5 Salesian communities in Ho Chi Minh city.

       In his homily, Fr. Joseph Quang also said thanks to the Congregation, the Vietnam province and all confreres for giving him the mission of governance of the Vietnam Province. He wished that Fr. Barnabas would continue to govern the province well with God’s grace and the suppport of Mother Mary, Don Bosco and all confreres. After the homily, Fr. Barnabas laid his hand on the Bible and made his profession of faith and read his commitment of service to the province over the next six years. Then he continued to celebrate the mass.

       After holy communion, Fr. Joseph Am, the former vice-provincial, represented all the confreres in expressing gratitude to Fr. Joseph Quang and in congratulating Fr. Barnabas. Fr. Barnabas then addressed those present. At the end of his address, Fr. Barnabas showed everyone a video message from the Rector Major, Fr Ángel Fernadez Artime, which he had sent earlier. The Rector Major congratulated Fr. Barnabas and invited him to carry the province with his all power and zeal over the next six years. He also said thanks to Fr. Joseph Quang and his council for their services for the province in the past six years.

       After the mass, everyone continued to share joy of the Salesian family spirit during lunch at the refectory of the Theologate community.

       We continue to pray for Fr. Barnabas Le An Phong and his council so that their services for the province and young people will bear much fruit.






















































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