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Provincial Community Day, Vietnam

By Br. Pham hong Phuoc, SDB

Xuan Hiep, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam, 31 July 2020 -- On Friday 31 July 2020, at 8 am, in the church of Don Bosco Xuan Hiep parish, the Vietnam province's provincial community day started with the holy mass celebrated by Fr Provincial, Joseph Nguyen Van Quang. There were around 270 participants including the confreres, the novices and pre-novices who gathered together to celebrate the day.

In his homily, Father Provincial reminded the confreres that to live fraternity and family spirit in community was a necessity of Salesian life. He urged the confreres to keep in mind and pratise this in daily community life. He encouraged everyone to become a good Salesian in imitation of Don Bosco.

After the homily, the confreres celebrating silver and golden jubilees of religious profession renewed their religious vows. Letters of obedience were distributed after the communion.

Because of the risk of corona virus outbreak in Vietnam, the government had issued some restrictions just the night before our provincial community day. Therefore there were some changes of plan for the day. Everything was done briefly during the mass. Some parts were cancelled.

After communion, Father Barnabas Le An Phong, the rector of the Salesian theologate, said some words on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of its foundation (the presentation of a 15 minute-video clip about the history of the theologate was canceled).

Afterward, Father Joseph Nguyen Van Am, the vice-provincial, expressed the gratitude of all confreres to Father Provincial for his services to the Vietnam province. Then he congratulated Fr Joseph Nguyen Thinh Phuoc and Br. Dominic Nguyen Duc Nam on their new services to the Congregation. After that he congratulated the confreres on their silver and golden jubilees of religious profession and priesthood. He also congratulated the conferes on their longevity of 80 years.

Before the concluding prayer, Father Provincial gave a talk. He shared some information of the province and some important and beautiful ideas from GC28. He emphasized the message of Pope Francis for GC28, especially the “Valdocco option” and the ability to dream. “With dreams the Lord made his way in Don Bosco’s life and in the life of our whole Congregation, by enlarging the capacity to imagine all what is possible.” Fr. provincial repeated Pope Francis’ words: Do dream and make young people and others dream as well.

After the mass, the confreres shared much joy during lunch. Group sharing with questions prepared by father provincial and games were canceled.

The provincial community day was celebrated with some limitations but every confrere still spent the day joyfully and meaningfully in fraternity and Salesian family spirit. Hopefully every confrere has had more zeal and love to continue their works and services for young people in their missions.






















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