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By Cl. Paschal Kyaw, SDB

Yangon, Myanmar, October 28, 2015 - Theologate community was opened in Yangon since 2011 with four students. At present, we are fifteen confreres in our community, five formators and ten students. Our formators are Fr. Mariano Soe Naing (Rector), Fr. Edward Sein Myint (Vice Rector and Prefect of Studies), Fr. Raphael Thu Rein Oo (Administrator and Prefect of the House), Fr. Andrew Yang Naing Win (Parish Priest and House Councilor) and Fr. Leo Neng Khan Mang (CBCM and House Councilor). There are three first year students, namely, Cl. Michael, Cl. Joseph and Cl. Paul Peter. In the second year there are six students in number, Cl. Andrea, Cl. Dominic, Cl. John Shine, Cl. John Tenew, Cl. Henry and Cl. Paschal. And then there is only one student in third year, Cl. Joseph and no more final year student. Our community is made up to 5 formators and 10 students.

We all come from different regions and dioceses. We, ten students, attend our theology classes at the National Institute of Theology. Thursdays and Sundays are our weekly holidays. We undertake an appropriate weekly ministry in coordination with the formator in charge of the apostolate. We help in the Parish activities such as organizing choir and teaching Catechism to the children and the youth. three-month Youth Magazine "Companion of Youth" is being issued by the organisation of the students as the activity of the Community.

I would like to introduce our Major Seminary where we attend our Theological studies. St. Joseph's National Catholic Major Seminary is the principal theological institution of the Catholic Church in Myanmar and as such lies at the heart of its mission in our country. It offers a four year course in theology for candidates to the priesthood. Our Seminary is affiliated to the Faculty of Theology of the Pontifical Urbaniana University in Rome. The Catholic Church in Myanmar consists of three Archdioceses and thirteen suffragan Dioceses representing people from various ethnic regions and backgrounds. For this academic year, there are 190 students and 14 Professors, all together 204 in number in our Major Seminary.

We, the Salesians of Don Bosco Studentate aim at forming future Salesian Priests who are rooted in Christ the Good Shepherd, and modelling ourselves on Don Bosco, we strive to integrate Prayer, Fraternal Life, Theological Studies and Apostolate especially among the young.

During this specific period, we are learning to acquire a solid and up to date theological and pastoral formation, while maturing in our spiritual, intellectual and human formation and with this sentiment we are taking advantage of this precious time and making good use of it under the guidance of our superiors.

We pray for all our confreres who are united in the Love of Christ and the Heart of Don Bosco that we all may truly blessed to follow Jesus, eagerly and faithfully in the footsteps of Don Bosco and give our lives whole heart for the poor youth.







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